LAKE WACO TRIPLE MURDERS: Careless Whispers or Contrived Convictions ?

If you are a Lake Waco Triple Murder Nut,  then, perhaps you have seen this website.  It has a slick photo of a beautiful lake with a placid sunset and the words:  Open Discussion on the 1982 Lake Waco Murders

CARELESS WHISPERS is, of course the name of Carlton Stowers’ 1986 book about the case.  “Contrived” seems rather a strange word unless you were in the Courtroom during Vic Feazell’s bribery case and heard the testimony of one Don Hall.  Ex DA himself,  Feazell’s ex law partner, and Numero Uno witness against Feazell.  Hall’s strangely said,  that he had “contrived” an idea to keep up with his alleged payments to Feazell.  Needless to say,  the word,  “contrived”,  was used as a saber in cross examination by Feazell’s attorney,  Gary Richardson, and between that and Hall’s description of the FBI search of his house, “Hell, I thought they were going to look at my wife’s Kotex”,  it was all over for Hall.  Vic Feazell, of course, was acquitted of all RICO Counts,  AND, the Superme Court of the United States dropped Mail Fraud as a crime.  No kidding.  Didn’t last long but they did.  Feazell always seemed to have the best luck too.

So when I saw the words, CARELESS WHISPERS with the word, “contrived”,  immediately I thought this blog was written by Vic Feazell.  I read some of it,  got mad and knew it was Vic Feazell.  The whiny  condescending manner in which he talks to Jan Thompson,  aunt of the victim Jill Montgomery and one savvy woman, sent me into immediate anger so I quit reading the blog.  Not enough Prozac for me to read him being that way to someone I admire.  Worse yet,  Jan Thompson didn’t think Vic was the author of the blog and nothing could convince her of it’s authorship.

When Vic Feazell,  John Ben Sutter, George Shaffer, and Mike Stanley got their settlement checks from the Belo case,  they   all    had their wives sign Agreements that the verdict and settlement be in the name of the men,  “for tax purposes”, to protect the amount of the verdict,  which at the time was not taxed.  It was the “loss of reputation”,  which was like the “loss of a limb” at that time.  The wives of the Plaintiffs were all friends, trusted Vic Feazell and Gary Richardson, so they signed away any right to any of the verdict monies.

The women trusted Vic Feazell.

One of Vic’s closest friends once said,  “Vic is a good friend as long as he is in trouble.”

That seems to have been the case as years later,  one of the wives of one of the other Plaintiff’s called Vic and asked his advice when her boss had asked her for oral sex and told her if she didn’t he was going to demote her.  Instead of helping or sympathizing,  Vic merely laughed at her.  He made her feel embarrassed and helpless so she didn’t get any other legal help,  rebuffed his advance and wound up having to move into an apartment from a house when her position was taken away in retribution.

Just like when asked about getting the wrong MEN in the Juanita White murder, Vic Feazell and Truman Simons say, “We always knew there was a third man.”  Feazell had masterminded controlling all the money as blackmail and control over his own wife as well as giving the other men control over theirs.

When his ex wife swam out of Denial and took a deep breath of truth,  she not only realized he had planned on leaving her and their son with either nothing or whatever he wanted for at least six years while she slept next to him.  Coupled with sending Joe Sidney Williams and Calvin Washington to prison without even a nano second of question, curiosity or remorse.

Worst of all, and even more terrible than Feazell’s cheating was that he had brought home a clear, odorless substance that was legal at the time called,  “GHB”.  Feazell wanted to be a healthy muscle man like his new law partner,  “Mr. World”,  Marc Rosenthal.  If you live in Waco you might remember Vic, “Mr. World”and anonymous support staff on the cover of your phone book for years.  GHB is a precursor to testosterone and Feazell touted it as “non addicting”, and healthy for you.  Everyone who was around him back in those days knew it,  he made no secret of it and always had a bottle of water with him laced with the stuff.  When finally they both snapped to the fact their son was on it,  Feazell shamed the both of them and said that the teenager was “just weak” as GHB was not addicting.  Years later,  GHB,  also known as a “date rape drug”, became illegal as it was horribly addicting and,  if your offspring was smart,  they can make it at home.

Two weeks ago,  Greg Feazell,  now living in Mexico,  on Facebook wrote about his battles with drugs, that GHB was the worst thing he ever did and he wished he hadn’t taken it from his dad and tried it.  Within minutes,  Vic Feazell posted for all to see, that it was NOT him that brought home GHB,  no,  it was his mother’s boyfriend, Stephen Fletcher who did that not him (Vic).  Being Mr. Hero means that much.

On his blog,  he states that his ex wife has “mental health issues”.  His current wife was with him constantly through is GHB phase which lasted about five years.  During that time his maid accidentally drank some water and went to the E.R.,  his sister drank some, Brian Marshall,  Julie Barron,  and everyone, saw and knew it.  Now,  in his effort to be the local hero,  he posts a well known lie on his own son’s Facebook page.

Everyone is a liar except Vic,  well,  maybe Truman but their Bromance ended when Vic Feazell fired Sherre Johnston,  yes,  the same Fire Chief’s wife that had the Marshall/DA’s investigator die in her arms, and is the long time lover of Truman Simons and others.  Of course,  Feazell hired Sherre Johnston FOR Truman Simons,  so that they could see eachother and continue their love affair,  of course,  both collecting money from the Law Office of Vic Feazell.  Perfect,  and,  Vic went right along with it,  even though it was a humiliating thing to do to Simons’ wife,  not to mention John Johnston who doesn’t seem to have any ego when it comes to his wife’s love life whatsoever.  Never mind the thousands of firemen all over Texas who know about it and shake their head in disbelief at the private constant humiliation and lack of male testes he must have to endure it.  Sherre Johnston made her husband the subject of ridicule and  no matter how much she says it’s with him, well, that just makes it worse.

When one finally snaps to proof after suspicion in this case where time, reason, and science in the form of the TEXAS FORENSICS COMMISSION have led us towards innocence,  it’s another form of “The Emperor’s New Clothes”,  that seems to be hypocrisy and corruption pervasive now in all government and society.

This is a 35 year old case,  why does it even matter,  hell, we’re about to be swallowed up by the earth while North Koreans eat our pets.  It matters because TWIN PEAKS matters,  it matters because people as individuals still matter.  We look at years and years of suspicious politicians and leaders,  paper tigers who talk it but don’t walk it and everyone knows it.

I don’t have all the answers.  I want to know the results of the DNA test of the matter under the fingernail clippings of Jill Montgomery,  victim of the Lake Waco Triple Murder.

The infusion of out of town talent in the form of biker lawyers,  Casie Gotro, and Clint Broden make me feel braver and gives me hope that stroking the ego of the politician,  although much easier than trying to snap them out of ego and denial,  is going to stop and has to for everyone’s sake.  Time to look at the politician who is your husband and/or friend,  or boss,  and become an “Accountability Partner”.

No matter what your religion,  or lack of it,  political leanings or party,  one thing’s for sure,  it’s time to clean up your act, and those of the others around you.  Especially those around us who pretend to be “God fearing and holy”.

How many years did it take to get rid of Federal Judge Walter Smith in Waco?  The great, religious, Republican,  man of God, who thought nothing of groping women his entire life, throwing out jury verdicts, and being just generally creepy for over 25 years.

Why is this going around in my head?  Because last week when Judge Matt Johnson stepped down as Judge because it was so obvious that either Abel Reyna or three cops were lying,  even Johnson wasn’t going to stand in the way of this screw up.  Ex law partner or not,  Reyna had gone too far.  It’s so bad,  Matt Johnson,  current Judge and ex law partner,  had to back out of this one.

What chips away at the people of Waco?  Hypocrisy.  What’s the answer?  Probably to elect new people over and over again until it’s right.  Bad part?  No one wants to inherit TWIN PEAKS.

I can’t read enough about the Lake Murder I can’t read enough about Waco and TWIN PEAKS biker shoot out.  It’s fascinating,  it makes me wonder and think.  Two entire generations of Wacoans watched every day of the Lake Murder from crime scene to execution.  Now we are watching an epic called TWIN PEAKS while a mini series about the Davidians is coming soon.

In “THE MURDERS AT THE LAKE” by Michael Hall,  in TEXAS MONTHLY 2014,  Hall describes  Waco cop Simons, who has arrested a suspect named Muneer Mohammed Deeb for the murders of Raylene Rice, Kenneth Franks, and Jill Montgomery.  Seems Deeb obviously had a club foot and could never have subdued three kids alone.  Simons had picked him up off the word of a teenage girl and some quip Deeb made, but who needs more than a club foot and three kids?  When he has to let Deeb go,  it seems everyone at the PD will never forget how Simons sank into a corner all the way to the floor and put his head in his hands.  He was ridiculed after that and already was known by the name of “Tunnel Vision” Simons.  He quit the PD,  went to work for the Sheriff’s department, and the rest is history with CARELESS WHISPERS as its bible.

You live long enough and you just wonder what on earth because you cannot imagine having that kind of ego.  Not in the very least.  Truman has that,  “aw, shucks” thing, while Feazell went from Baptist preacher, to lawyer, to actor,  and no one ever said he wasn’t good.   Simons shredded Gilbert’s truck.  Feazell calls his own son a liar, has gone to rehab himself for drugs and sexual addiction, and used to be an intelligent man but now doesn’t believe in DNA in this case?Much like people around Donald Trump haven’t toned down the orange self tanner?  Much like Abel Reyna decided to include “fill in the blank” indictments one afternoon and arrest 177 people then lie about talking to the police about it?  They say he didn’t talk to them about it  at all.

I believe it’s time to question all public officials,  past and present,  to call them out in their lies and hypocrisy,  if we don’t it will get worse,  anything could happen,  Texas could pass a law calling silencers “suppressors” and make them legal without us even knowing it.

Oh.  When?





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