What the hell is wrong in McLennan County?  Your Judges are all either law partners, cousins,  sons of other officials,  Baylor alums from the Law School,  and generally seem to have the same DNA,  or,  greedy mindset.   They’re fathers or brothers have held high positions and it’s like a microcosmos of “the lucky sperm club” Texas style.

Judge Walter Smith,  the groping Federal Judge who it took over twenty five years to get rid of,  even after various trips to rehabs,  three marriages,  and numerous “JNOV” decisions where he just threw the jury verdict out.  Most hated for what he did to the DAVIDIANS,  yep,  this is the guy.  Plus he sexually groped a clerk then tried to have HIS buddies say,  she asked for it and general old red faced,  gin head looking,   b.s.

Thanks to Judge Walter Smith,  Judge Stem walked away from that Racketeering problem and no one seems to know what happened.  Like “Pam’s Dream” on Dallas,  it vaporized and now Judge Stem is back to being the bastion of truth and justice.  Well,  here’s our story on good old boy Walter Smith.  Happy because he retired after groping with full salary for life.


Waco Federal Judge Walter Smith Retires Amid Sexual Harassment Scandal


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