KISS THE 6th. AMENDMENT GOODBYE Attorney/Client conversations turned over to DA Abel Reyna by Jail Personnel

Attorney Clint Broden said Matthew Clendennen, his Biker client,   called him from jail and he warned Matt at the time that the calls likely were being recorded.

“I assume in most jails that the calls are being taped, but I don’t expect them to turn it over to the DA’s office,” the Dallas attorney said.

The SIXTH AMENDMENT guarantees the right to a speedy trial.  The DA’s office really isn’t supposed to become an arm of law enforcement.  Unfortunately,  to most of us it would “appear” that in this case everyone got a little over excited and  wayyyy too gun happy for damn sure.  That would include law enforcement and Abel Reyna with his boys over at the “Command Center”.



County Officials recently gave up on her arm and the scales of Justice,  she is being replaced by a new modern version,  much like the Constitution in the building below.

Perhaps in your life there is hindsight.  It doesn’t exist in Waco,    Obviously,  since Hunt county jailers instigated this screw up it’s catching like a bad flu.  Here,  there is only an event,  forgiveness over and over again,  and moving on.   Seems the Christians here confess or share their “story” on Sunday and those left drowning in the hypocrisy of their wake are just “them” and they’re praying for rest of us.  After all God gave them the money,  or the position or the family name, or whatever.  God did it,  not the “Lucky Sperm” club.

The rest of us seem to be dressing our grandchildren like Disney princesses since their parents are in prison for meth,  and going to the Flea Market on LaSalle.  Our menfolk wear their military hats to keep their bald heads from burning and all they want to talk about is Trump and the North Koreans coming over here to barbecue our cats.

In the very heart of downtown millions of pristine tourists are bused here and seem to be on better medication than the rest of us as they’ll stand in line for an hour waiting for one of the bakery goods over at the Silo.  Paying a fortune for some piece of wood painted white and rubbed with sand paper has put Waco on the map for something besides the Davidians and everyone but property tax payers are happy.

Are our law enforcement personnel and County Officials fair or just Representatives of an angry God here to punish?  Is that this mean spirit we all see and apathetically have come to terms with in the go along to get along it never changes world?

We’re in TWIN PEAKS pretrial,  what a fight.  We have 97 more to go.  97 more new bikers with 97 new lawyers coming here to fight this good old boy system while Wacoans just let it go on.

Broden filed a Motion to disqualify Reyna,  let’s see  what happens.

Clint Broden is known as the “biker lawyer” btw.





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