Judge Robert Stem Named Co-Conspirator in Suit Against Hearne Firm July 22, 2010

HOW  DO THEY KEEP GETTING AWAY WITH IT?  They are ALL Baylor Grads and Judges who help one another stay in power,  get money, and stay on the bench.  There’s nothing that can be done about what happened yesterday when this Judge,  Judge Stem,  allowed his buddy and fellow Baylor alum,  Judge Matt Johnson to continue on the bench after a recusal motion.


His Baylor Judge Buddy Walter Smith,  ALSO FROM MARLIN,  was the Judge on that trial.  We’ll give you more about the Groping Federal Judge we are finally rid of in another installment.  These good old boys are on the “fringe” of all manner of criminal behavior,  they take care of one another and justice is held hostage in an atmosphere of “that’s the way it’s always been.”  Generation after generation.


If you want a walk down Memory Lane of Racketeering 2010 Texas style,  the link and story are below.




A federal racketeering lawsuit involving a State District Judge has been set for trial in December. The judge, based in Marlin, is listed as a co-conspirator with a Hearne-based law firm.

Federal District Judge Walter Smith told a courtroom full of lawyers and litigants Thursday the trial schedule would continue as originally set and retained the court date for December 12.

State District Judge Robert Stem is accused of conspiring in an elaborate racketeering scheme with the Hearne-based law firm to steal millions of dollars in property and mineral rights.

One of the plaintiffs in court Thursday told KWTX News 10 she is fighting for property rights on property that belonged to her deceased mother.

She also said she is fearful the plaintiffs will not get a fair hearing because of the prominence of Stem and other defendants.

Smith ordered no depositions be taken without permission of the court and he dismissed several co-defendants because they are out of state and could not be served with notice of the suit.

Among the 18 defendants named in the suit are City of Hearne Attorney Brian F. Russ, Jr. and attorney James H. McCullough, who partners with Russ, Jr. in the Hearne-based law firm.

Stem, citing the Texas Code of Judicial Conduct, has declined to comment on the suit.

Russ, Jr. previously told KBTX News 3 there was no validity to any of the accusations.

Also listed as defendants are Encana Oil & Gas and Leor Energy, who, according to reports, benefited from the transactions made possible by the other defendants.

Though not named in the suit, District Court Judge Robert M. Stem, is listed as a co-conspirator who allegedly over time, has aided the defendants in their extortion plots.

The defendants named in the suit are accused of swindling former and economically disadvantaged residents of Robertson County for the past 15 years.

The suit claims, dummy companies are used by the defendants to easily transfer property and mineral rights.

While property owners are allegedly contacted, named conspirators are accused of allowing named defendants to serve public notice to the unknown property owners via ad placements in circulated publications.

When property owners fail to come forward, the suit alleges the land is sold at below market value and the money is then deposited in the registry of the court.

When the money goes unclaimed for a period of seven years, it is allegedly awarded to the dummy corporations established by the lawsuit’s defendants.

The four plaintiffs in the case are seeking three times the compensatory damages and punitive damages against the defendants.

The plaintiffs are also seeking reasonable attorney fees and costs and order an equitable accounting from the defendants and are seeking to be awarded all they are legally entitled.

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