While Harry was off smoking cigarettes and drinking pina colada in celebration of Casie Gotro filing a motion to recuse against Judge Matt Johnson,  which,  Harry thought  for sure would be granted.  The GAME OF THRONES cast at the McLennan County Courthouse had a little surprise of their own.

JUDGE ROBERT STEM,  Robertson County,  visiting Judge, took the afternoon Hearing on the Motion after Burnet County visiting Judge Dan Mills left us after granting a Recusal Motion against Judge Ralph Strother.

Judge Stem has more rumors of “crookdom”,  and “brother in law” deals in his county than our Good Old Boy Judges.  Did we mention BAYLOR graduate,  Legacy etc?  Yep.  All of these old fellows are about the same age,  most have sons and are just warming the bench for the next generation.

Citizens here are held hostage by breeding and money.  Wealthy families in power,  ad in Baylor,  usually the law school and the beat goes on.

They stacked the deck against  Casie Gotro,  sure did.  They brought in their buddy and Casie Gotro fought hard but in the end Judge Matt Johnson promised to be good and fair and Judge Stem denied the Motion.

“Hell, no”,  anyone? 

Harry thought when he moved back here it would be better,   that the young people had to be better than the old ones and fix this but,  wow,  it’s just worse.  What is it?  Is it Baylor?  Is it just that simple?

Judge Strother,  Baylor,  Judge Johnson,  Baylor,  Judge Stem,  Baylor,  Abel Reyna DA,  Baylor,  Judge Dan Mills visiting Judge Burnet County,  University of Houston.

Click to access mills.pdf

We suddenly have a large following in other countries,  I’m trying to figure out how to explain the “Good Old Boys” system of justice and life to Romanians,  and figuring out this life held hostage by the “Lucky Sperm Club” vs “The THEY of “Them”,    the gap got bigger instead of smaller and it stops somewhere.

We cannot let what is going on in the world,  Trump,  Korea, hurricanes,  stifle justice in this County,  in this City,  in this State which cares about fetus funerals but not justice in this life lived insanity.  This goes on everywhere,  probably,  but where does it stop?

Here’s the scary part,    People here think that God gave them their money,  the closer you are to God the more you have and the higher you rise.  They do.  They think THEY have God and you don’t.

Harry doesn’t know what on earth happened at TWIN PEAKS.  Two years and no answers,  a lot of people want answers and a lot of people have had their entire lives ruined over a chicken fried steak too.

I can take the truth,  I am sure the bikers can take the truth,  but starting off on this kind of playing field making a Houston Lawyer and a Houston educated Judge wrong and the Baylor boys right?  This is insanity and cannot go on.

Bikers outnumber the “them”,  at least here in Waco.   These Judges are old men,  set in their Christian Republican punish mind set with Jesus on their shoulder.  They can conspire without words,  trust me.

If you cannot have an unbiased Judge what has happened to us,  when only Baylor bred Judges are “right” from the bench,  how can we sit silent?

The Bikers deserve a fair trial and a fair Judge.  What happens in Waco happens to us all.

“She who would trade justice for safety deserves neither”

Harry’s going to have to get dressed and bring this Casie Gotro a cup of coffee.  No,  I’ve never met her but I am feeling the need.  I know “ain’t right”,  so does everyone reading this.

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You knew “Booger County” was real and somewhere in Texas,  right?  Here are some fun google sites you can look up to see the skivvy on the good Judge Stem.

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May 19, 2009 – A federal lawsuit filed Monday in Waco claims a Hearne law firm conspired with State District Judge Robert Stem to steal millions of dollars in …

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Dec 8, 2016 – The defendants were both convicted of attempting cattle theft today out of the Falls County 82nd District Court with Judge Robert Stem …

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