BAYLOR JUDGE BUDDIES STICK TOGETHER: Stem Rules Against Casie Gotro and Judge Dan Mills of Burnet

THIS is the Judge who DENIED the Motion by Houston Biker Attorney,  Casie Gotro,  yesterday afternoon after the Judge’s buddy and fellow Baylor grad Judge Matt Johnson promised to be fair and nice from the bench.  They knew ahead of time without even speaking about it out loud how they were going to punish Casie Gotro for questioning the Waco form of Justice,  AND it’s a slap in the face to University of Houston good guy Judge Dan Mills who quoted law instead from the bench with class.

We would have preferred Dr. Phil’s words,  “Have you lost your mind”,  but this will do.

HERE is something very simple WE all can understand.  It’s Texas,  It’s Waco,  they try like hell to walk it and talk it but they fail.

Here’s a little bio on The Honorable Judge Robert Stem from a fellow Texan.


Click to access 2012.10.05-Exhibit-E-Moore-recusal-motion.pdf



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