I'm Mad Too, Harry.

Truman Simons in a deposition in 2003 against Brian Pardo and John McLemore over an article in a “trade magazine” where they question the guilt of David Spence and the others in the famous Lake Waco Triple Murder, blames the break up of his marriage on the article.

He  forgets about his affair with the wife of Waco Fire Chief, John Johnston,  “Sherre”  in his first deposition.  This is the second.

“Sherre”,   then becomes a secretary for Vic Feazell for the next 10 years or so,      AND  is listed on Simons’ Private Detective license.

Simons is represented by Dave Deaconson of Waco,  read how lawyer Deaconson tries to “clean up”   Simons’    ideas of WHEN an affair begins.

VIC FEAZELL,  TRUMAN SIMONS,  NED BUTLER,  and HOMER CAMPBELL (Forensics Dentist)  VS      BRIAN PARDO   and                                  JOHN   MCLEMORE

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