Obviously, in love with a beautiful spitfire woman, John Johnston, Waco Fire Chief, probably wasn’t prepared for his Honey Bunny to stray into the arms of the aging Truman Simons but she did and he knew it.   Somehow,  Johnston didn’t seem to mind as Simons and Sherre Johnston have been seen as “a couple” for years around law offices and other sites in town,  in Simons’ recognizable truck.   We don’t have that sympathy anymore,  neither John nor Sherre acted with any restraint or thought in 2013.  It is obvious that John is totally powerless against Sherre and instead of controlling her, John  is waiting for God to do it.

“Tis easy to form an opinion when you are not burdened by the facts”

Let’s refresh our memory by reading the November 11th., 2013 OFFENSE REPORTS where Sherre brings a serrated knife and that seems to be okay,  even with John.

Remember Harry readers:  You can’t make this shit up.  

Click on the dropbox link below.



Truman Simons,  Mike McNamara and other men who have “carried on” with Sherre Johnston have shamed John Johnston in front of the entire city.  Simons will be the first to talk about “vicious gossip”,  yet,  it doesn’t seem like there is any respect for John or the kids from ANY man involved with her.

Below is a letter form John Johnston, dated September 16, 2015, to the “Fire Team”, in it he talks about God and Family.  Nothing about his wife and the mayhem of McNamara’s death on September 2nd. two weeks before.



Here is the letter from Fire Chief Johnston:  Letter from John Johnston

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