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             SHERIFF TESTIFIED FOR LITTLE TOMMY IN A DAVIDIAN LAWSUIT Hey, gin nose, why not ask Sheriff if he moved his brother’s body? Tommy Witherspoon, another aging pissed off self pitying ass who chose the wrong major in college. WHY doesn’t he ask the Sheriff point blank if he moved … Continue reading

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    WHY IS HARRY BRINGING YOU THIS STORY AND NOT THE TRIB? Because Waco is a beautiful, Christian, charming, peaceful, law abiding place where bluebonnets bloom, young girls sign contracts to stay virgins at Baylor, Football is king, and things are the way they always were and we like it that way.  P.S. The … Continue reading

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                             Take your money and your daughter home.  Now.                                        THREE MORE RAPES AT BAYLOR https://www.kwtx.com/content/news/3-rapes-reported-at-Baylor-residence-hall-505140381.html?fbclid=IwAR33bK–DlgmnokvJoYLSf0uR1zwv0LrA6Gyulnkd7qmwxm0N0PJ23DVHl0                 … Continue reading

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  How many Phil Reynas are there for crying out loud, Harry, is “sore loser” genetic?             In an ongoing effort to research readers questions,  Phil Reyna was plugged into google and the Reyna Family Tree Mystery deepened as a man we knew as Tommy Witherspoon is really Phil Reyna … Continue reading

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       Question:  Did you have a job with the Anderson’s, did it fall through? When he was a “public servant”,  Waco Trib and Tommy were “fake news”,   Abel spoke to no one.  Now,  our tv people and Tommy Witherspoon who I would have thought would have LOTS OF QUESTIONS after 5 years of … Continue reading

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           Phil Reyna thinks the Waco Tribune Herald AND it’s top fat boy reporter,  TOMMY WITHERSPOON suck.  I thought at first they blamed the ass chewing by the sleeping Judge,  ole Doug Shaver.  When Shaver came out with his remarks about Abel Reyna and said that he,  (Shaver) had seen Abel’s … Continue reading