The average American lifespan is now 79. Of course, we are used to our Sheriffs just not waking up one morning, Jack Harwell wasn’t the first. Jack crossed over at age 71 and Captain Dan was appointed Sheriff after that. So, Parnell is now 78 and if he were to leave us, we’d have Cody Blossman as the logical choice. That’s a nice thought and exactly what Par has in mind, but he thinks he’ll just retire somewhere in here and GIVE the position to Cody. NO one likes Cody, but that’s unimportant to Parnell.

Par has plans. Good thing Cody’s daddy the EX Secret Service Agent cleaned up that pesky uh oh going through the DFW airport with a gun problem. We don’t care that Cody did that, people forget and it happens a lot, however, ENTITLED Cody’s daddy cleans it up for him, that we have a problem with, the Daddy’s boy bullshit.

Below is Par with a female officer who is staring at his mangina, or turkey neck, thinking about how fucking old this man is and wondering why he just doesn’t go to the house.

There was a time when old people had enough sense to know to go home and let the younger people take over, it’s their world now as proven by the idiot “no body cams” bullshit Par has in place to keep HIMSELF from being implicated when his girlfriends, or buds, get in trouble and involke his name.

Wake up people, you wanna bitch about Biden “too old”, Pelosi “too old”, McConnel and the others, yes, I agree they are, but this man is too.

When you’re too old to realize body cams are a way of life now in your State, and the rest of the country it’s time to go home to the Barndominium in progress and Char.

Parnell, chosing his future and yours for the next twenty or so years.



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