No you’re not, you’re still in your FIRST entitled childhood. The one where your daddy got you and your brother jobs with the Marshall Service, no, you weren’t a Marshall. You think you’re sixteen and you always have. A very spoiled little boy that likes toys and likes others to pay for them. Nothing screams shady like a politician with a classic car.

Pay your 815K note to your buddy Banker Lacy why don’t you before buying more toys? Get real, we all know.

Fourth childhood? You’re 78, get the hell real.

Look, we don’t blame you for not wanting to be alone at the house all the time with Char but, you need to go. Get your knees fixed, that sixth heart stint, the esophagus problems, go home.


Learn to spell or use spell check, what’s the matter, Cody not as good a caretaker as Chris?

Anyone else a little tired of the cowboy bullshit? This old man is NOT a cowboy. He is the Sheriff and this is 2023. His refusal to grow the fuck up has us as the ONLY law enforcement entity in all of TEXAS without bodycams.

Now the old fool has lied and tried to cover his ass by saying they have been “looking at bodycams for two years”, this was a lie, he also sent his boy Cody to the Commissioners to ask for money for bodycams. Bodycams are FREE and all you need is to send in a GRANT. Since the wife of Ranger Jake Burson is the HIGHEST PAID CIVILIAN at the S.O, Jade Burson AND she is the GRANTWRITER, get her to do it. Too bad Par, Cody and the rest of them didn’t google this first, but, hey, being correct doesn’t mean a thing.

HE, our 1823 cowboy, says that PATROL will have bodycams and they’ll see how that works out.

What about the deputies in the SCHOOLS, they won’t have bodycams until PARNELL thinks it’s ok.

Is this insane?

HE is the one that doesn’t want bodycams, the deputies WANT THEM and always have. Bodycams protect the deputies, the only one to have a problem with bodycams is PARNELL when his girlfriend, Sherre Johston starts throwing the fact around that she’s his girl, and asks whatever officer she happens to be arrested by, Robinson, Waco PD, Lorena, DPS, and Williamson County, plus the Sheriff’s deputies themselves, “Call Parnell”.

Absolutely insane.

RIDING FOR THE BRAND, what bullshit.

Please ride off into the sunset with your ill fitting shirt and mangina neck and stupid ways, plus the constant lying and getting other people to do your shady bidding.

Retire old man.


Look how desperate you look. Finding out people don’t like you is eye opening isn’t it for an aging Narcissist.

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