Your Kabuki Dance is wearing thin. We see you. The records don’t lie. YOU can’t hide anymore, sure, you can instruct your ass kissing minions to do your bidding, but we see you.

13m ago

If only just ONE of these selected not elected PUBLIC SERVANTS had any integrity in 2020,they would have ran to the nearest microphone of whichever chirping repeating parrot (fake news)was sucking their butt at the time & presented the evidence that they were emailed that showed the damn MACHINES weren’t certified in every state,pretty much every county. Whoever was on a ballot Republican rhino’s or loony dems,they were illegitimate. There’s a very very very important woman that swore under penalty of puregery that its 2 separate certifications,hardware/software. Her affidavit is sitting in Tennessee I believe. Our elections were federalized many moons ago. That’s right dhs is in our elections. Why? These ppl like Parnell,the women’s republican club (thanks Anjelique your a peach. You’ll be wishing you had jumped aboard the woowoo train) I SENT & HAND DELIVERED THAT DAMN AFFIDAVIT. They don’t love their country much less their community. For the mcso deputies & grab ass detective that had the US Marshall’s drag me out of my house with an AR in my face you can kiss my ass. Charges dropped. These ppl are greedy,they love power,& they love to belittle ppl while they sit in church throwing money at each other laughing at all the hillbilly trash!! Every dog has its day & never underestimate ppl that will drop the party line 2 come together to take on a common enemy. We were so cocky thinking freedom was chosing to align with red or blue. That’s not freedom. Parnell you may have at 1 time had the best intentions but you failed me & my family. You can’t even hold your own deputies accountable for their wrong doing. I will pray for you that you find your way out of the corruption that has a hold on you. Everyone wants 2 be liked & loved I just hope your not so hardened & cold that you can’t find your way back to truth,justice & the rule of law. Thx Harry.

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