Here he is, the founding member of the TAURUS. CLUB at Baylor, the lover of women from West to San Antonio and back, the Legend, the Big Man, the guy who runs this city, your Sheriff for Life, Parnell McNamara.

For all you who think Biden is too old, look no further than Parnell McNamara holding on for dear life on the back of a truck going five miles per hour in a parade. Of course, being driven by a MCSO deputy because that’s what they do and NO ONE seems to object. Illegal under campaign laws but, hey, who cares.

It seems Par can’t exactly THROW candy anymore, never mind the newly developed man tits, he just sort of drops the candy and then the truck runs over some of it, nice job.

America’s Sheriff, right you MCSO Women’s Club ex girlfriends who obviously can’t get enough of Par, just like Sherre Johnston was your buddy too, yeah, real Christian women.

THIS is not getting any younger or better.

THIS MAN has all by himself, decided on NO BODY CAMS, therefore you mamas “in the county” please note that your kids are being protected by a Deputy in your school that does NOT HAVE A BODY CAMERA.

Therefore, if UVALDE happens here, Par and his boys are protected because YOU can’t see what happened.

Parnell McNamara, the Trump lover, couldn’t even get HIS PEOPLE “in” on the detail to protect THE DONALD when he came here, why, you ask, because the SECRET SERVICE isn’t going to work with ANY agency that doesn’t have body cams.

Since WE are the only ones, well, Parnell got to sit that out, did n’t he?

THIS is Parnell now.

Yeah, KWTX will light him up and let him call people “scumbags”, the racist women at the Women’s Club who sit around in fear of Mexican Rapists and ask Parnell questions like, “If a Mexican comes in my yard, can I shoot him?” , and Parnell tells this woman that she can.

JEZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZUS, just anything to blow some smoke up those fat bitches size 22W skirts.

THIS isn’t going to change, it will get worse. We can either vote in his ego again, or get a real Sheriff.


Kind of looks like the weight of that badge is pulling him down, doesn’t it? Can’t even throw penny candy off a truck anymore.

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