Mantits says this one is an eye opener for sure,

Get out your magnifying readers, or set your computer to ZOOM to get the names and cases below, Public Information is somewhat hell and they try to figure out how to make it as miniscule as possible, so no one can read it.

Here it is a lot of work, hope you get mad.


As we all know the world traveling Joe Scaramucci, RETIRED, (Quit) yesterday, can we all have a moment of silence please…

Enough of that since Parnell lost his dog and pony show for the TV reporters, I decided it was time for the Taxpayers of McLennan County to see what they are paying for and how distorted these press conferences are again just yet another show for attention we all know he is a narcissist and has to have attention especially around election time or FUND raiser time FREE TV time for ole Panell. BIG STING keeping the scum bags off the streets blah blah,

I will give you the stats on that in just a minute numbers do not lie. Have you heard yet there is another candidate running against Matt Dillon want to be Parnell McNamara contrary to what Parnell wants you to believe. Not one word from any news outlets except Tommy Witherspoon’s brief interview with Jeff Aguirre the first Hispanic candidate to run for McLennan County Sheriff in the history of McLennan County. Now that is news but crickets…  

So here is what I did to satisfy my curiosity of what happens after the dog and pony show a public record request for arrest involving Trafficking of a person, Prostitution, Online Solicitation of a Minor etc. from February of 2015 to May 2021 or there about was sent to McLennan County Sheriff Department from that request we got the following list that is in excel format from McLennan County Sherriff Department which we cross referenced with the dispositions at the McLennan County District Clerks office.


Numbers do not lie. yellow are charged with trafficking. Green is reduced to something else.

No color is pending or never indicted.

Reds are duplicates or dismissed. Orange is McLennan SO convictions. 6 one of those adjudicated. Blue is the Bellmead and Waco PD convictions for trafficking 1 each total

  • 8 convictions out of 115 arrests in 7 years
  • Less than 8% conviction rate over a 7-year period equals a less than 1% conviction rate a year.
  • 42 out of 115 dismissed or never filed meaning they were probably presented and rejected. 
  • 1 Federal Hold
  • 1 NO SHOW
  • 2 Deaths

  • 8 convictions out of 115 arrests in 7 years
  • Less than 8% conviction rate over a 7 year period Less than 1% conviction rate a year
  • 42 out of 115 dismissed or never filed case 

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