Fundraiser by Denise Aulin : moving expenses to go home (

Nothing much prepared Denise for her husband of 43 years to leave her and their family, it’s been the talk of the town in Mart and poor Denise is heartsick and in need. She usually is known for being the brave Cat Lady in Mart that defies her catphobic neighbor and has had War with the PD over their cat ordinance more than once.

She’s a special friend to me and fights for animals. She shares what she has with stray animals and is a wonderful unsung hero.

Send what you can, and help spring Denise our of a bad sitution in a bad place.

$10, $20 whatever you can spare, let’s lift her spirits and help.



It’s a gofundme and the info is below click on the blue.

Fundraiser by Denise Aulin : moving expenses to go home (

moving expenses to go home

Denise Aulin is organizing this fundraiser.

My name is Denise Melvin as we all know my husband of 43 yrs threw his entire family away. I have nothing for me here anymore so Im going home where I belong

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