My mom had Alzheimers. In the mornings she could answer the $64,000 Question, by three in the afternoon she thought Peter Lawford was living in our tv. Unfortunately, the Justices had Johnnie all dolled up, blush does a lot for you, and she was back in Stockholm Syndrome mode.

I must admit that it did feel strange to have faith in Waco PD even if it was only for four hours or so. I would oh, so, love to be wrong about Waco PD but it just goes on and on. Our news people will write about and report about some meth head having sex with a dog in Bellmead but this obvious tragedy goes unreported.

Here is the update of what’s happened from Brad,


Justice for Johnnie Ann Sharp

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THE JUSTICE CRIME FAMILY STRIKES AGAIN! Please Share… (click in the black box to listen)

Waco PD did another welfare check today at Mary’s house and of course my good buddy Chad showed up right after they got there. Yesterday they did a welfare check and nobody would answer their phones or come to the door. After spending Thursday night, Friday, Saturday and Sunday with Mary Justice my mom now HATES me again and doesn’t want to see me. Hard to believe, Right? I mean there is no telling all the things Mary has told my mom since Thursday afternoon. Can you say UNDUE INFLUENCE!!!

Waco Pd said their hands were tied since my mom is still legally competent.

Good ole Chad spewed lie and after lie to the police about me. If you remember Chad is the one that sent me those text messages telling me my mom didn’t want to see me after I had already been up there once and I went only a few hours after he sent the 2nd one saying don’t come, she didn’t want to see me. He said these things after several anonymous calls stating my mom was asking for me and wanted to see me!

The nursing home/ rehab also said my mom wanted me and she wanted me to know everything that was going on!

Listen to this 2 min clip recording from just 7 days ago when she says she loves me over and over and wants to go with Brady and Sydney one night for a “special event”. I will post others this week as well.

I will continue exposing these LIARS and CRIMINALS for that they have done to me, my mom and our family!

Mary Justice

Chad Justice

Jay Justice

Jimmy Dale Garner (mom’s brother)

Donna “sugar daddy” Hafley (Jimmy Dale’s wife)

Dr. Gary Barbin (Crooked Dr)


  1. If you’re not filming any of this it’s useless, film everyone and everything, post that to all social media platforms, that’s the only way, if you think help is available locally you’re screwed.

    The end

    1. Oh, I feel sure Brad has taped everything, and, the PD has bodycams, if you don’t record every incident with law enforcement you’re crazy. If you’re law enforcement and think everyone is not taping you, you’re crazy. I have no answers. Good times, right?

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