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Reginald Crawford, another long time Lieutenant of the Sheriff’s Department left this past week, seems he had enough and “retired”, nice job Sunshine California Hatchet Man.

Cali “Sunshine “ has destroyed the jail, they might be fully staffed with 18 year olds scared of their own shadows, but it’s the vets that have kept it safe.

The bubble will pop one day, “Sunshine” will lose his blue pills and hopefully one female will take him down, we hope.

The jailers heading to LE school in June are desperate, they don’t care if they signed 2 year commitments to SO, they just want calm for 6 months.

One thought on “TELL HARRY ALL ABOUT IT 2

  1. Lets hope this group of hand picked jailers can pass the academy. The last group hand picked by Chris Evans had a fail out. I believe it was the jailer they call his girlfriend. Keep on wasting the county’s money.

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