Just keeps keeping on.

The non FDA approved stem cell cream and injectables lawsuit is below. Guess peeps with large amounts of money think this stuff is going to keep you going in spite of old age or illness. WHY anyone would invest is beyond me but it seems the possible fraud continues without Par or anyone else batting an eye.

THESE are the people, the ones sued, who brought us Par’s BIGASS YELLOWSTONE party for all the rich folks from out of town, hell out of State, and the movie stars.

Celebrity Par, America’s Sheriff, and a total fool for not having body cams just lets this go on and why not, after all, those sexy underlights on Char’s Jeep are enough of a perk to look past ole Jay Justice and his family’s very interesting scheme with the help of someone else’s mom, Johnnie Sharp.

Nice going.

Cannot wait to see what happens.



  1. the largest election fraud in the history of texas… we talked earlier 2021
    here’s what I missed.
    bobby cornelius ran in cedar park – fbi snitch
    what I only found out recently is Ben ran in Hayes County – FBI Snitch lawyer
    who tried to frame paxton with the basel brothers and me
    then ben retracts

    but ben – tried to frame stockman with the basels (the american phoenix foundation – houston chronicle did some nice stories)

    the FBI – tried to run snitches in your state 2016-2020 – that’s why I hold the guiness book of world records for the most american and mexican american dicks in a canadians ass…

    I got a letter from the CJC – even if he did do it… have me kidnapped falsley imprisoned and screwed out of 25000 in racketeering lawyers to leave your state.

    writing is hard by the way – the book is taking a minute – after I left texas ended up in sw florida – and ian took everything by a dufflebag and dog – I had to walk 14 miles with a 12 year old lab to get to my aunts house – am 100000 in debt

    and would do it again to fuck the liberals of texas

    I am broke – living in a hurricane house on a cot on the lania – still better than austin

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