Well, Erika Schwartze is with Lee Humphreys at Mission Ranch in Carmel, having a bigass time at Clint Eastwood’s old place that most of us poor people will NEVER get to see.

Erika is on her SECOND DWI and Barry Johnston gave her a pretty sweet deal, a few meetings and back on the street. She threw a fundraiser for Barry. Barry receused himself from a case where a guy put up a few yard signs for him, but Barry did not recuse from Erika’s case and she threw him a party.

Strange how these learned men with college degrees calibrate their consciences and recusals, isn’t it?

Oh, well, Erika has just had TWO DWI’s, Sherre has had ten so we should all just get used to it.

Erika and Lee, both born entitled, neither work at the moment, Erika got her own sweet deal on a DWI, Lee, well, he’s a perve and a peeper BUT they both decided to go to Carmel even though Lee was under Court Orders not to go.

Who the fuck are you people?

See they were so sure Lee’d get by with it they said, “Fyou” to the Court and did a little vacation.



Blatant. Entitled.

This was also for 50 is FABULOUS for Tiny Lee.

They just throw what they have, who they THINK they are, and WHAT kind of big spending life they want to have….in WACKO.

One law and system for US and THEY just get off.

Over and over again.

Erika could easily afford an UBER, come on here, and Lee, well ain’t he a cutie?

So they just hike up Richie Rich’s bond, AGAIN, like he doesn’t have it because of his family.

After all Lee is the 4th.



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