Poor Parnell, MCLENNA COUNTY MUGSHOTS has come out with a THROWBACK THURSDAY, a walk down MEMORY LANE of Sherre burglarizing the shed, the Simons house, the TEN DWI’s, the Carrying CONGRABAND, xanas, into a CORRECTIONAL FACILITY, on and on.

We hope that Parnell enjoys the fact that WE ALL KNOW SHERRE IS HIS GIRLFRIEND AND THAT SHE MOVED MIKE, with Par and Parcody.

That poor fool, Parnell, thinks no one believes it or cares.

He is oh, so wrong. Any fool can see that SHERRE JOHNSTON GETS SPECIAL TREATMENT.

They fired the deputy that didn’t check her posse for a gun and she hid it in his car.

Would YOU pat down Sherre’s posse? Oh, hell no.

We would like to thank McLennan County Mugshots for an absolute delight of a post this cold morning.

Enjoy. Enjoy the comments, we certainly have.


McLennan County Mugshots

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#tbt THROWBACK THURSDAY is brought to you by EP Trailer Rentals :

We were able to gather a handful (but not all) of Sheree’s Mugshots over the years!

We also found a YouTube channel dedicated to Sheree’s most notable arrests for DWI with body cam and vehicle cam footage.

See videos here:

Most include her name dropping friends and family in what we can only think was a way to get the arresting officers to let her go with a warning.

Another is what seems to be a field sobriety test from when she ran into a train in Cedar Park.

McLennan County Motorist are safe for a while from Sheree’s drunk driving escapades as she was finally sentenced to prison by Judge Susan Kelly of Waco’s 54th State District Court.

Johnston, who has multiple convictions for drunken driving, must serve at least two years in prison before she can seek parole. She will be given credit for the 11 months she has been jailed, said her attorney, Jason P. Darling.

We wish Sheree the best of luck in her recovery and hope she maintains her sobriety in prison but we’re also happy to have her off the streets and not behind the wheel as she is truly a menace to society.


    1. I love the way she sucks her tongue in the film with the DPS trooper, the one where she says “Can I write you a check” is also nice. She won’t come back better, get ready. Narcissist.

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