Sherre’s a little angel, ask her “Christian” friends, yes, she’s still here.

Guess who is STILL HERE and not in the Texas Department of Corrections? The Sheriff’s girlfriend.

Yep, little Sherre, is still here.

There have been times when a Deputy actually drives a woman to Gatesville or Marlin, but not Sherre. She’s still just HERE in her boyfriend’s jail.

Parnell is so scared of SHERRE he’ll endure my snarky posts daily because SHE has something on him. Well, so do other people but little SHERRE, well, that “tell all” book she keeps talking about ad nauseum, might just happen, I’ll get a RESIDENT EVIL chapter or two because, it’s my fault she drives drunk, right? PTSD.

Who the hell doesn’t have PTSD, especially when the Sheriff’s LAY sends you pics of herself WITH HER GUN. When I turned her in for threatening me, Par and Sherre went to Barry Johnson to file charges on ME.

Sherre Johnston, in my opinion, will stay HERE bcause Par’s scared.

Big man, right?


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