Waco Fire Chief John Johnston to step down (

November 4, 2015, two months after Mike McNamara died shacked up with Sherre.

This is John Johnston, a public figure also, and the husband of Sherre Johnston. I go between feeling pity for him and at other times, just being angry. I “get it” that he’s Christian and wants the family to stay together but now the kids are grown and gone and having a grown man put up with his wife shagging the McNamara BROTHERS, along with the now deceased Truman Simons who went from superhero to holding Sherre’s overpriced Louie Vuitton purse AND letting his wife, Sherre, run the funeral in spite of the fact that ole Tru had TWO children who were highly pissed off but, as per usual, couldn’t stop Sherre from having control over their father’s burial because Sherre had sex with the McNamara brothers AND helped move Mike McNamara’s body.

No one will tell the truth and it is time for John to grow a pair before Sherre gets her driver’s license back, her gun back, thanks to Par who already removed the gun charge from her jail sheet, and is back with Carte Blanche from our “too young to retire or quit fking other peoples wives” Sheriff.

THIS is what your Sheriff for Life the big Christian did to this man, a fireman.

Guess you Christians over at the Republican Club and Woodway Baptists would rather ask Par some non existent question about “in God we Trust” on the Sheriff’s cars instead of your Sheriff’s lack of morality and destruction of another man in pursuit of sexual favors from this man’s wife, resulting in her winding up in jail for burglarizing the Simons habitation after Truman died.

Hey, John, ole boy, you gonna endorse Par?

This whole thing is pretty disgusting and total bullshit.

Come on John, the kids are grown, grow a pair for fk’s sake.



Waco Fire Chief John Johnston is stepping down from his position, city officials said Wednesday.

City spokesman Larry Holze said Johnston asked to be reassigned to an assistant chief position, and Johnston said City Manager Dale Fisseler approved the request.

Johnston said Fisseler was informed of his decision in August, and city officials asked him to remain as chief until January.

“There will be a search of some kind, and they’ll open the position for applicants,” Holze said.

Johnston was named fire chief in 2003 after 18 years with the department.

“It’s been a good ride,” Johnston said. “I’ve had great support from city council and city management. I don’t have anything but good things to say, and I’ll still continue to serve them, just in a different role. I still enjoy my joJohnston said he is stepping down for a combination of health and family reasons, adding, “As chief, you’re tethered to the job 365 days a year, 24 hours around the clock.

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    1. I’ve been nice in the past, the daughter got married last weekend, time for fkn John to find his sack. All these hypocrites make me ill. I am not holding my breath but I’m tired of people feeling so sorry for John too…………….fk this……….

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