Now the”World’s Sheriff for Life” can redo the old McNamara house on the contributions of his other old fart friends from the Republican Club one custom window at a time. Remember his old butt buddy cronie David Lacy “lent” him over 800K years ago and Par has to get another loan from Lacy just to pay the interest, has NEVER paid down on that principal either. Of course, now that Dave and Par realize their “deal” was public that surely has gone underground.

Next we have David Littlewood, who loves Par and since Par’s the only guy in town that doesn’t want to see or touch David’s calf implants and Dave doesn’t raz Par about moving his brother, they are a perfect couple and with a few more unpaid and unsecured loans Par can redo the 20 year vacant pier and beam foundation, needs a new roof old McNamara Place.

wink wink

If Par thinks he’s still young and at 76.6 years of age, he’s fine, just fine. The average age of death in the United States is 76.4 so perhaps kissing his ass that much was because of the other old farts there too not wanting to face retirement and go home.

In Par’s case he’d have to stay home with Char. As it is right now she chases behind him to keep him faithful and do her best to run things as Sheriff II.

Ain’t gonna be no pink panties shown to Par on her watch. Snicker.

Par also is the only elected official who does NOT have his Campaign Finance Report online so you have to go get it from the Courthouse where Par’s asshole buddies can report back to him. You also have to sign for them, which, I will keep on doing because I am not scared and he is full of shit.

Par thinks it’s all human trafficking and running around IN TOWN, forcing the Waco PD to have to patrol almost all the way to McGregor while Par takes over the more minority streets like those between I35 and LaSalle, while those of us “in the county” have to wait on poor Waco PD.

By the way Par, Waco PD thinks you suck it. They have to clean up your traffic messes and dead folks after your boys do the damage, they also have to do the paperwork and they don’t like it but as we all know, we have to let Paw Paw Par have his way.

So below are some fun quotes from Par, asked by his other half dead, overweight, aging ass kiss Tommy Witherspoon who thinks he’s too young to retire too.

Here we are, hostage to the whims of an old man who doesn’t think he’s old, but surely looks it, AND has had numerous heart stints put in out of town so no one knows, and a screaming prostate problem.

Plus he’s shrinking. I love it. The used to be towering McNamara, who has bowlegs now from the desperate need of 2 knee replacement, may not even be six feet anymore.

Below is the ass kiss, suck up, bromance report between poor old Par who is too vain to remove is idiot cowboy hat because he’s bald inside now, and Blaze Face alcoholic Witherspoon.

Enjoy the mutual butt licking.

Send your money to PAR FOR SHERIFF AND CUSTOM WINDOWS, Par and Char should be registered at Lowe’s and Home Depot soon.

Wake the hell up.


‘Too young to retire’: McLennan County Sheriff Parnell McNamara plans to run for reelection (

Too young to retire? Get a mirror old fart, you’re an old man. Look, we also know you and Char love the BOTOX, you poor thing, you.

WACO, Texas (KWTX) – McLennan County Sheriff Parnell McNamara admitted Thursday he can’t run as fast as he used to, but apparently, that is not going to stop him from running for a another term in office next year.

“I’m much too young to retire,” McNamara said. “My gosh, I’m just 76.”

Speaking to a large gathering at the McLennan County Republican Club Thursday, McNamara had the partisan crowd at times clapping, laughing, cheering and gasping at stories about incidents he and his officers have dealt with in the 10 years McNamara has been sheriff.

McNamara, who turns 77 in April, knows that his age will be an issue in his upcoming election bid, but said he is ready to meet any challenger.

This next blurb is my favorite, some made up question from one of his pussy posse I am sure, the logos on the Sheriff’s car, well, he’s been in 10 years and no one has sued yet so get the hell real. Just another STAGED opportunity for Par to show off his big scraggly balls and drag God in to his election.

Someone asked him if he was afraid of getting sued for the “In God we trust” logo.

“I told them that would be the biggest honor that I have ever had in my life if some sorry scumbag atheist tries to sue me. Bring it on,” McNamara said, drawing laughter from the crowd.

Another person asked what would happen if someone tried to scrape the American flag from a patrol vehicle.

“Believe me, they will do it one time and they are going to see what the asphalt tastes like and they are going to get a slow ride to the jail,” McNamara said. “So y’all can read between the lines.”

While McNamara said his office has upgraded equipment for officers, including in-car video systems, the McLennan County Sheriff’s Office remains in a small minority of  law enforcement agencies statewide that does not provide body cameras for its deputies.

McNamara said after the luncheon he thinks the sheriff’s office “eventually” will get body cameras for officers.

Wonder if Char is asking Sherre, Par and Mike’s girlfriend, also wife of John and member of Republican Club and Woodway Baptist, to please stop having DWI’s and burglarizing places because having Par keep on dropping and hiding charges is getting messy.

Sherre helped Par and Blossman move Mike McNamara’s dead body with sexual aid still in his pp, and then got Sherre to make the 911 call. Getting Sherre to make the 911 call shows Par is NOT qualified to be Sheriff because Sherre is the biggest dumbshit in town.

SHERRE JOHNSTON THE 911 CALL | Exposing small town corruption and secrets in Waco, Texas. | I’m Mad Too, Harry. (

Snow White and The Witch of the North

This is Char, she has to be up Par’s ass all the time because he’s unfaithful and she can’t stand it, he also doesn’t want to have to retire and stay home with her, even though she looks like 1990 Loretta Lynn with the short skirt and hair extensions. You go, Char.


  1. Pretty sure Witherspoon has a vagina, he thinks he’s a hot shot reporter 😂a lot of old people will die this year. Anyone have any popcorn?

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