How Body Cameras Affect Community Members’ Perceptions of Police (

Seems the public actually thinks the police are honest when wearing body cams….hello…Par?

I had no idea that our Sheriff’s Department in 2022 was the only place in the county besides, maybe Crawford, that does NOT HAVE repeat, DOES NOT HAVE, body cameras.

Most officers believe that the body cams will clear you if you’re doing nothing wrong and actually welcome them, but, hey, not here.

“Not as long as I am Sheriff”, he is said to have announced when the subject came up the last time in a meeting. Nope.

A real shame that the rest of the police, Waco PD especially, has them and winds up having to turn their body cams over when the Sheriff’s deputies have “events” within the City Limits. Imagine being a Waco PD cop and having to turn over YOUR body cam footage when the officer who actually ignited the incident and is a Sheriff’s deputy is exempt.

WTF? If you need more to figure out your Sheriff For Life is a secretive crook, I’m sure there will be more because he’s also a teenager, still liking the fast cars and pink panties. Poor Char, looking all tired from having to keep Par off the younger women, even those hair extensions are just an illusion ole girl. He’s the same and his desires, well, they’re the same too.

No body cams on the Sheriff’s deputies, I had no idea.

Did you?


Here’s ole Par with his Chevy being all cool with his sunglasses interfering in an election but won’t get body cams for his Deputies. Where are the commissioners???? Brain dead bunch.

Wonder whose pink panties are in the glove compartment……


  1. Amazing yet his deputies can suggest to me that I get a dash cam for my automobiles in order to catch TFNB/Your Pissy Banker for Life/David Littlewood’s hired ghouls attempt to run me in the ditch at a high rate of speed in order to capture the tag number on that pickup; and to which, I might add, that pickup hasn’t been near me since(nowhere to be seen). No doubt trickle down information: deputy to old fartknocker Parnell then to Littlewood’s goons. Maybe Parnell’s kinfolk, Taylor Sheridan, should (if he hasn’t already) stop using old Parnell as “character ideas” for his movies? This man needs to retire and let an intelligent woman take over the helm at McLennan County Sheriff’s Department. Sadly, I used to admire the man. Not now! He’s entangled himself too much with those of highly questionable reputations. BAD! Parnell talks the talk but when it comes down to the brass tacks he can’t perform the dance. Disgraceful! Retire Parnell. Let someone else do the Littlewood’s of the world’s dirty business.

  2. He isn’t Wyatt ERP. How about some modern policing?

    He is there cause the bad guys want him there and the Democrats have no charisma.

    1. I had no idea. If any department needs body cameras, it’s this one. Can’t wait till their first deposition in some case somewhere in the future.

      1. This way when they say the “N” word or whatever mayhem, no one knows. We’re the ONLY place in the State btw. I know you’re surprised.

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