OH Judge Sexpest, if you keep it up I’m putting your name out there. You got kids, you got a wife, get reborn, go home, stop it.

Looking for an overly religious hypocrite with a wife and kids? Like that old man in a robe? Like it that it seems everyone in the Courthouse knows he’s talking dirty to you one minute and quoting Scripture the next? Welcome to Your Groping Pulblic Official Tinder Courthouse.

Run baby run.

A Nationwide Investigation into Judges Behavin’ Badly Ends Up With It’s Spotlights Firmly on Texas and the Federalist Fifth Circuit – Laws In Texas

With Walter Smith, THE GROPING JUDGE, still living and collecting $250 for LIFE, we thought there was not a vacancy for THE GROPING JUDGE position. Seems the Federal Judge now is stearing clear of the water fountains and the young Baylor women. Smart.

Besides, aren’t we all just a bit tired of these old sex pests STILL trying to diddle employees?

Unfortunately, Harry has to write about a certain Judge whose name, and other things, just keeps coming up with all manner of rumor plus a highly Jeeeezus Freak background. The usual suspects.

It started when Baylor had interns at the Courthouse. Then WHAM, no Baylor interns. Seems something a Judge did was so heinous Baylor actually thought they were NEVER going to send another intern to the Courthouse. Well, wtf? Slowly but surely, the interns returned, the rumors were quashed with new ones. New ones about a certain Baylor high up talking the girl out of filing a civil action AND, this is where it gets interesting, a “criminal” complaint. Seems the girl’s brother is a policeman and the entire family was up in arms. Now we also see total silence from yet another County official, last seen hiring and firing another lawyer within days, a lawyer who thought the official actually wanted to do up a few things. Well, found out differently, didn’t he.

You can fill in the blanks, I’m tired of CLEAT and vague lawsuit threats, ask about anyone and you’ll be able to fill in the names if you haven’t already SNAPPED to it.

Just like with Walter Smith, the gift that keeps on giving, this NEW Full Creeper Judge JEeeeezusfreak, has the menfolk around him taking up for him. Just like when Smith tried to get other lawyers to say that “she came on to me”. Ohmygawd.

Time for Mrs. Judge to wake the fuck up before the lawsuits and general walk outs start. Seems working for the ole boy is like dodge ball in more ways than one. It is reported he really talks dirty everytime he sees a female seems to have a “problem”. We hope Mrs. Judge Sexpest takes care of him. Hello? Republican Women’s Club……..???/

Amazing what old men will do to get that retirement. Think about it.

That new job could just be Baylor if you act right and go along to get along with those that pretend to be such, BIG “Christians”.

Sorry, I’m throwing up a little in my mouth I’m so tired of the fake lives and government here.


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