Parnell McNamara pressed on giving the keys to whole damn ranch to Cody Blossman. Parnell McNamara spent 10’s of 1000’s of dollars because Cody Blossman decided on a whim he wanted to be a pilot.  He quit or maybe he never even started but the money was spent still the same. Parnell McNamara thrust Cody into a supervisory position over the investigations unit, and he quit that too. At this point Cody Blossman wasn’t a good jailer, patrolman, pilot, or detective, so Parnell McNamara made a unit for him arresting people on outstanding warrants. Cody Blossman was given a unit of men and only answered to Parnell McNamara. This is how FAST was born.How convenient, now no one can document the ineptness that is Cody Blossman and Parnell McNamara can tell legendary stories about all of Cody’s accomplishments. If only they had known Mike was going to die. HERE WE GO AGAIN!!
 Parnell McNamara thrust into scandal as his brother died in the arms or mouth of his lover, Sherre. Anyone who has a brain can listen to the 911 calls and know that Sherre Johnston didn’t just happen by and find Mike McNamara dying. The evidence is there that Cody Blossman moved the body of Mike McNamara. What’s also clear is at the time of the death is that Parnell McNamara and district attorney Abel Reyna were as tight as Ike Clanton and his brother and nothing was going to happen even if the evidence was any more clear .In conjunction with the rumors of the past, there are the rumblings of an arrest, now disappeared using Bob Blossman’s connections, an alleged cocaine abuse and rehab stints, some failed psychological exams and polygraphs. There is so much to uncover about Cody Blossman as we move forward, this oughta be fun. It is also reported, that Cody Blossman was found to have incorrectly filled out his hiring packet. When brought to his attention, he refused to correct it, stating his father told him it wasn’t a requirement. Do you think it was because you go to jail for lying on a police application and it may have something to do with the topics mentioned earlier?
When he said his daddy told him not to fill it out, you think he was talking about Bob or Parnell McNamara? The County was said to be faced with 1000’s of dollars in penalty’s per day until Cody Blossman complied with the law, an act I’m sure he was not used to.
Over the course of this 9 year nightmare, Parnell McNamara  has continued to allow Cody Blossman to soar to the ranks of Captain. As Captain, all those men under Cody Blossman’s watch when he was gifted a newly formed unit, have also benefited by virtue of promotions and pay raises. Sam Blanco to Sergeant,  Jason Barnum Sergeant then upgraded to Lieutenant, Chris Evans from Sergeant to Captain, Rich “California Dick” Conoley  although reported to be the Chiefs hire quickly saddled up to Cody Blossman and was gifted a gravy train Captain spot in Chris Evans and Cody’s Jail. Together as always they all have changed the system.
 What used to be a fair system of promotions has now been reduced to everyone test and we will interview and select who we want. But Cody Blossman doesn’t care about the best person for the job, that isn’t the one who gets the chance. It is more about who can be trusted to hide his secrets and play his corrupt game.
Taking all this in consideration there is one thing Cody Blossman is good at, that is stacking all the headstones on Boot Hill:
Chief Matt Cawthon, Captain John Kolinek, Captain Steve Smith, Captain Maurice Colyer, Sergeant Brian Kevil, Captain Shawn Lippe, Lieutenant John Spillman, Pilot Bryce Chapman, Major Ricky Armstrong, Captain Michael Garrett, Detective Amber Aguirre, Captain Karen Anderson, Captain Larry Hromadka and a handful of others over 300 years of service. They left because of Cody Blossman and the chaos Cody Blossman left behind him. He may not have done the dirty work himself but you can bet your boots he laid out the plan, that caused the dissension that caused the dedicated employees to leave. I would also bet each and every time someone left he saw another way to weasel his way to the top. Make no mistake Cody Blossman has masterfully manipulated Parnell McNamara and everyone into his bidding. Cody Blossman has played Chief David Kilcrease into hating Captain Steve January, Captain January hates Captain Eubank and Eubank hates Cody Blossman. Cody Blossman hates the chief because he wants that office for his run at becoming sheriff. This is evident by the sudden wardrobe change and the news airtime Parnell McNamara is allowing him to have. They all saddled up together, they all ride together and hopefully soon the public will see that ride end together.As it stands, it is rumored that Chief Kilcrease is willing to walk away and Parnell McNamara will let him for the sake of promoting Cody Blossman, yet again.But this time, with the intent on rebranding Cody to the unknowing public. Ol’ Par wants to put Cody Blossman front and center in these last few months, but the thing is, those who knew pre-cop Cody know him well, and it’s amazing what they’re willing to share with just a few drinks in them.  
Parnell McNamara is where he is because of his dad. No one has ever said Parnell McNamara was a good kid, actually its quite the opposite. The sense of entitlement and arrogance that preceded him was always grandiose. The voting public fell in love with a character, a persona, and where his “Wyatt Earp” demeanor definitely fits the part, dozens of family’s have been ruined and dozens more will follow suit before it’s over. People who have served for decades have been passed over, careers have been cut short but the one thing that remains constant is Cody Blossman and his people continue to prosper under the cloud of deceit, unprofessionalism, allegations of Civil Right violations, allegations of criminal acts, and blatant disrespect or common decency.Next story up, we will catch you up on the story of a Captain and a Chief at different times sharing the same news anchor on the ATVs at the Sheriff’s Ranch. Yes, the same ATVs that the citizens of McLennan County purchased, you know the ones kept at Parnell McNamara’s ranch and used for his personal outings with his friends and family. 

Feel that? Yes, there’s more and it’s coming. Tick Tock old man.  


  1. How in the hell do you get an agency like DOJ to come in a tear Blossman a new ass? Then and only then will the house of cards fall, I’m at a loss.

  2. Don’t forget TCOLE came in and audited all personnel records at the dept. After it was done major violations were discovered in Eubanks and Blossmans files. The TCOLE investigators (two of them) were recommending to the TCOLE board that Eubank and Blossmans peace officer license get revoked. Ole Par and Bill Johnston got involved, travelled down to Austin and made it all disappear. It was so egregious the TCOLE investigators quit.

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