Parnell and Cody Blossman, cut from the same cloth? Blood thicker than water?

Chapter 1: The Not so OK Corral 

 In January of 2013 Sheriff Parnell McNamara took his newly elected office. At the stroke of midnight, he called in over the radio as if to announce, “There is a new Sheriff in town!!”  It was not long after Parnell’s Posse rolled through the doors with their chests puffed out that the onslaught began. 
 Parnell McNamara and his henchmen ousted SIX employees that were perceived to be political adversaries.
SIX families, SIX groups of children and SIX careers altered because they failed to see the shining lore that is Parnell “Wyatt Earp” McNamara.
 It didn’t take long for the new to wear off and the complaints to start coming in. Almost immediately, Parnell McNamara found himself at odds with his Chief Deputy retired Ranger Matt Cawthon over the discipline of a dog handler who was a dear friend to Chris Eubank. Then another dust up over the wild and rogue Cody Blossman.
 In the short time Cody Blossman had been in Parnell’s Posse, he had caused disdain between the Sheriff and his trusted Chief. 
Like Morgan Earp getting shot in the pool hall, this was just a prelude of what was to come. Cody Blossman was not manageable, not showing up for work and overall not being able to perform the duties assigned. Actually, he was so poor at his job his first evaluation under the Patrol Division was so bad, Parnell McNamara ordered it to be changed. And then, the Sheriffs office just did away with evaluations altogether. Also, there was a time Cody Blossman couldn’t meet SWAT qualifications, so he took over SWAT and did away with qualifications as well. 
There CANNOT be a paper trail that proves Cody Blossman doesn’t know what he’s doing or that someone might be doing it better.
 Then there was the story of how Cody Blossman stopped traffic on one of the busiest streets in Waco at rush hour. He strolled up to a car as if his spurs were dragging a wood dance hall floor and he tossed a guy a pair of handcuffs as if he were Marshall Matt Dillon in the land of Judge Roy Bean and said, handcuff yourself.
I’m quite sure this was an attempt to look cool and have a story to share with Ol’ Daddy Par but more likely he didn’t know how to handcuff someone. Was this practical, safe, covered by policy? The answer to all is probably NO!  
 The final strain on the relationship between the newly elected sheriff and the famed lawman Cawthon was the day Cody Blossman in plain clothes with no Sheriff Office markings took after a suspect in a motel parking lot. This act caused fear and confusion among those in the public and when reprimand was in high order Parnell McNamara told Cawthon Cody Blossman didn’t deserve a reprimand, but instead deserved a medal. 
Had Cody Blossman only listened, he wouldn’t currently be under Federal lawsuit for shooting a guy from behind as he ran away. Again, plain clothes, no police insignia jumping from an unmarked car, but back to the story.
 This last fracture proved too much for the lawman with his moral compass and the Celebrity Bailiff turned Sheriff. It was at this point, Parnell McNamara went and scorched the earth on everyone who had anything to do with Matt Cawthon. 
 Matt Cawthon was out and David Kilcrease was in. It was almost immediately apparent that David Kilcrease, although wearing a shiny star, was more akin to BLACK BART. 
Deputies seeking to protect themselves through the state law enforcement agency CLEAT designed to provide legal counsel and protection for police found themselves targeted by David Kilcrease. He used his connections from his previous employment with CLEAT to target those deputies and gain information that eventually led to their termination. Those deputies were terminated but the point they were trying to make was already made. Investigations into Cody Blossman and Chris Eubank taking the TCOLE test for the great Parnell McNamara were already launched. Although they will tell you the cries of impropriety were unfounded, what they will leave out is the investigator working for the state quit over the decision to not seek legal action because that was not his finding. This dustup was equivalent to a fight at Big Nose Kates Saloon, and the Earp boys won with help of a slimy John Behan type insider at the state licensing office. Parnell McNamara and his boys saw to the termination of those who sought to expose the corruption.


  1. Lol, everyone in local LE see Blossman as a total flunky, no matter what title he’s given he will always be a flunky, as for Par the Grim Reaper is just around the bend. What a complete and utter embarrassment to work there.

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