Char, back from getting hair extensions and the teen clothing section of Nordstroms, has posted an ad asking if you want a wonderful career to apply to be a McLennan County jailer. Seems according to my best reader and fan, AC, is now 35 jailers short.

Don’t just work…………serve, well, I think I’m going to lose it. Don’t work, just SERVE PARNELL, his son Cody, frightened miserable Chris Eubanks, Kilcrease, too stupid to realize he’s the one left holding the bag, and Major Muffintop Pam Whitlock who’s just in it for the 150K Major salary which is going to get passed right on to her lawyer when the arrest happens.

Yeah, let’s get some more people to just FUCK OVER too. The minute you don’t join the cast of TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE. They have laughingly tried to fill the shoes of Mike Garrett, beyond reproach, and Ricky Armstrong. Yeah, Ricky wanted to retire and build birdhouses. Right?

Yeah within five minutes of leaving Par, in tears, the sappy fool, Armstrong was offered a job by the JAIL STANDARDS COMMISSION.

Now there are over thirty five vacancies because unlike KWTX, the Commissioners and the hot women of the REPUBLICAN WOMEN’s CLUB, they all HATE PARNELL, HATE CONOLEY, and the rest. Pam Whitlock can’t even find a polyester stretchy uniform to cover up that beer gut.

When the jail inmate hung himself, the jail staff had no idea what the hell to do, where was leadership? Fast asleep holding on to their memory quilts.

Wake the hell up.

No one wants to work for the Sheriff’s department anymore despite the constant Puff Pieces where KWTX gets called over when Parnell gets an HEB cake for crying out loud, a quilt makes the news.

Wake the fk up.


Sherre Johnston and Charlotte McNamara pretend not to be Parnell’s Sister Wives for the cameras, actually, there was a video. They’re fighting over possession of some canteens that Sherre still has and Char wants back. It’s the wicked witch of the west and her sister bullshitting us all by pretending to be Christians. THIS is just two of Parnell’s “Posse”, but not all.

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