Ridgwood Roulette for $501.00 please!

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, or in this case, $501 dollars, maybe you can’t decide,

let the wheel do it for you, how sexy is this photo? Does Sarah “mean it”, we can tell John Erwin Jr

sure does, but what about Sarah?

Let the wheel decide!

Mayhem exploded at Ridgewood Country Club where the members want you to think it’s all about Jeezus, well, until the booze starts to flow and the party is in in full bloom.

Seems Waco’s own Elite are having their own problems and Waco’s new #AMBERHEARD, (Amber Heard) SARA………….whatthefuck, decided to park her shapely bottom arse on the husband of one Jennifer Marstaller Erwin and perhaps a bit more, forwarded in gossip around town and reported by a friend.

What does an angry and innocent Ridgewood woman do? Get her own brother to file a lawsuit for defamation against Jennifer Marstaller Erwin for the ungodly sum of $501 dollars and haul Ms. Erwin into court.

Number one, Miss La Te Da Arnold #AMBERHEARD wants you to know WHO she is, oh baby, that paragraph about hubby’s family being here since 1839 tells you that YOU should know who her fine ass is and then she states she’s not a political figure, which makes you wonder if she read the statute at all or how long it took her to get her brother, who doesn’t live here to be ridiculed, to file this laughable suit.

I say, let’s do a go fund me for Jennifer, tell her, we’re sorry that the picture pretty much makes her a lap sitting little hussie #AMBERHEARD even at ole’ Ridgewood.


PS – JUDGE VICKIE MYNARD OF THE 414TH SHOULD HAVE A REAL GOOD WAR STORY AT THE NEXT JUDGE’S CONVENTION…what a joke! She is probably at home trying to practice keeping a straight face on the bench as we speak! Maybe Harry & Linda will get summoned for Jury Duty on this one!

11 thoughts on “Ridgwood Roulette for $501.00 please!

  1. I thought you just wrote about the corrupt legal system? Why in God’s name would you publish something like this on your blog? These families can work this out amongst themselves and without yours or now all of your readers commentary. There are kids involved here. Seriously. Get real.

    1. It’s Public, it’s funny, my blog blew up because it’s funny, sorry you don’t think it’s funny but we white trash folks with two names instead of three think so. It’s filed at the courthouse, it’s public. The people involved are over forty, don’t sit on some guy’s lap, get real. PUBLIC. Grow up. Hire a bodyguard scare eachother, it’s silly.

    2. i agree the children should be left out of this horrible mess, and allow the adults to settle this case! I know law suits are public, but there is a thing called common decency!

      1. Had the party suing not raised the ridiculous amount to 500K now, I might have taken the post down. However, Jennifer has kids too and their mom, who is NOT wealthy is being sued by rich people who think THEIR reputation is worth that. No. Post stays. Updates will follow. Jennifer told the woman people were saying she was having an affair with Jennifer’s husband. THIS got her sued by big Christians. Guess you are going with the big bucks. Get rid of the lawsuit, post goes down. How’s that.

    3. Grow up. Get your friend to drop the lawsuit. You only care because you’re a rich entitled person from Ridgewood. I’m laughing my ass off. It’s a lawsuit, it’s public. AAAAh, the children, when your buddy upped the money from $50l to $500,000 was she thinking about her children? Jennifer’s? Second petition, also public. Grow up you poor entitled thing. Go get a pedicure and a drink or whatever the fk you do. Open Records, Public, you rich, my job to make fun of you.

  2. Seriously – this is insane – you’re putting both families kids info out there?!??? how is that ok with you? I’m sure they can handle this without your commentary (quite immature commentary, I might add) and the gossip that your post will generate. I can GUARANTEE you all 4 PARENTS involved in this case wouldn’t appreciate you posting their KIDS INFORMATION on the damned internet for any FREAK to read. Wtf is wrong with people?!??? How long has this post even been up?! Am I the first one pointing out that this is weird/wrong/a complete violation of privacy/dangerous!???

    1. The lawsuit is public. There is no expectation of privacy when you file a lawsuit……it’s public. Sorry. If I filed a wild lawsuit it would be public too. The picture, public. I think it’s hysterical but I’m not an Entitled person, I have two names, not three. See we common trashy folks think entitled folks can get a wee bit silly too, exposing us feels better that we didn’t have a daddy or family legacy. It’s also about hypocrisy. Sorry, it’s funny, it’s public, not my fault her brother probably tried to tell her………………time to grow up

    2. It sounds like your beef is with privacy laws. It’s a fact once you step out into public you are no longer covered by any privacy law. A solution would be to run for some kind of office get elected and change privacy policies. Until then it’s pretty much tough shit if you don’t like

      1. Thanks for this. You file a lawsuit, it becomes public. You go to court on this thing, we can all go watch. How did these folks get this old without knowing this, you got me. The lawsuit is hysterically funny, I don’t know any of these people and printed it because it’s hysterical to me. Suddenly because they’re wealthy it’s all some serious shit, hey, where I come from you sit on my husband’s lap, we’ll settle this right there. Guess if you’re wealthy with three names lap sitting in middle age is okay. They were probably just drunk and randy and it got out of hand, normal, but it’s RIDGEWOOD so they’re special and so are their wealthy offspring kids. It’s obvious she had to force her poor lawyer brother to file this lawsuit. Drag in the kids to try to make ME feel bad? Someone else’s fault always. Guess the slutometer got em, I thought it was hysterically funny.

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