Sadly, unretouched, however, Sherre is. In each and every photo, Sherre has photoshopped herself to look better than you. None of you say shit to her, you allow her to conduct her adulterous bullshit in front of YOU. You also pretend to be big Christians and Democrats are perverts, well, no more than you and your Sheriff for Viagra and Candlesticks, Parnell McNamara. I am no fan of Char but for fk’s sake, he’s insulting the witch every time she shows up and you act like you don’t know. You act. You ACT and you didn’t help anyone, you sure as hell didn’t help Sherre Johnston by allowing her to sit at the table WITH Parnell and the deputies.

Of course, keep in mind Parnell has the balls to take your guns, have sex with your wife, take your horses and lie but doesn’t have the balls to tell Sherre to go the hell away.

BECAUSE his brother died trying to have sex with Sherre Johnston at the American Inn September 1, 2015 and Cody helped him. Hell, you bitches were there when he got the call and you know it.

What kind of people are you?

Tell me you’re big Christians. What a joke.

Friends also don’t let friends drive drunk, that Saturday on Bosque, she was tanked and you know it.

SO, enjoy looking at yourselves, she didn’t photoshop that forty or so pounds off your ass so you can just be proud of how fucking hypocritical you really are.


Shame on you, all of you. Phonies.

You know what’s going on too, little entitled Princesses, don’t want to hear that Prince Parnell with the propellor on the end of his pecker is bad. What the hell is wrong with you?

YOU also pose with the bitch. I wouldn’t pose with her for anything, yet in your “nice” fake world, that’s okay too. So enjoy your truly shitty pictures with this drunk that your Sheriff has to get out of jail so you can all keep pretending he didn’t move the body.



I don’t know who you are and don’t care, I’m too busy laughing at Sherre photoshopping herself with the “Elizabeth Taylor” after 50 lens. She could’ve done a bit for you, just sayin’

Some friends you bitches were, well, now she has some new friends, PLUS Chris Eubanks to pamper her in the jail.

Get fucking real.


  1. She’s just gross, I agree with you, many ballless among us, heck we have our own version of Biden and Kamala with Par and Blossmen, can you imagine working “up” to a position where you are not even respected? Does this sheriff department have its own exclusive set of knee pads? Yes, yes they do.

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