Sherre Sings…

I didn’t want to put this up here. I refused, I kicked. I screamed, then I listened to it.

It made my eyes water and I had to do it.

I can’t make it through the whole thing, can you?


2 thoughts on “Sherre Sings…

  1. Maybe she can start an acapella group with her cellmate? The Highway 6 Sopranos? Harwell Harmonizers?

    Looks like she’ll have nothing but time on her hands.

  2. This reminds me of your “Mrs. Texas” post. When you asked where were her real friends? She has too much alone time and that’s when she gets in trouble. Real friends should have got her help on the 1st DWI. Instead she had dirty old men keeping her in check. Kinda reminds me of Marilyn, Bobby & Jack! I don’t think she has a single real friend.

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