Brad Sharps mother according to her captors, the Justices is fine, just fine. They are stealing her money and the money of others, including Marcus Shanks, making stem cell face cream at the BIG RED Bottling plant. Brad went to see Parnell but got nowhere because Par was very, very close with Brad’s ex wife, AND because Jay Justice keeps all Par’s vehicles running. Jay Justice also installed the vanity lights UNDER Char and Par’s jeep.

THIS is elder abuse, Dr. Barbin, the over medicator of SHERRE JOHNSTON is also Johnnie Sharp’s doctor. Even Truman Simons went to see Dr. Barbin and demanded he stop giving Sherre pills. Nothing stops Barbin or these other people.

THIS is Brad’s mom, recently spotted driving down Valley Mills Drive.

She’s fine, just fine.

The white car was spotted going down Valley Mills with the trunk bobbing up and down while Johnnie Sharp just drove along never even noticing it. People were amazed and took photos.

THIS is one of the photos.

THIS is Johnnie Sharp……just fine.

4 thoughts on “SHE’S FINE, JUST FINE, ALL GOOD

  1. Yes, she is fine alright. Dementia has been in her medical records since 2012-2013 per Dr. Barbin and his nurse Peggy Boen. Dr. Barbin ordered her to go to Wesley Woods in Sept 2017 after La Hacienda to have a mental evaluation done but she didn’t go because I stopped it. Dr. Barbin said he would not take her back as a patient unless she went but she didn’t go and yet he kept her on as a patient and said in September 2017 she was cured of Dementia. The Justice family along with her brother/my uncle Jim Garner told my mom Wesley Woods was my recommendation so they could keep stealing from her so in her mind she thinks I was trying to lock her up which is her biggest fear in life because her mom died in a nursing home. They have all been lying and living off my mom’s money for years so they can inherit her estate. APS and Waco PD have been unable to get her away from the Justice family because Dr. Gary Barbin says she is just fine now and he’s mad at me for reporting him to the Texas Medical Board. I am fighting for my mom to know the truth and to get her back with her family and real friends! I won’t stop until she knows the truth!

    1. Brad! A month ago I found your fb page and was astonished at your story. I prayed over your family that night. If I can do anything to help, let me know. Im not connected to anyone. Lol

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