Parnell needs “evaluation” mentally

Yeah, they’re all putting the right stuff out there on their FACEBOOK pages, but, the reality is that Char and Kilcrease run everything, Par is more and more senile every day and they don’t leave him alone. He’s cranky and chews out people because he can’t recognize them. Kilcrease is bringing in his buddies, one from California to take the jobs vacated by Armstrong and the OTHERS.

CAPTAIN Mike Garrett, Sheriff’s department veteran left his post as a jailer. He, along with two others, have decided to retire. They are retiring to get away from Parnell McNamara and the real Sheriff, Charlotte Miller McNamara.

KWTX’s Tommy Witherspoon knew it, everyone knew it, they just decided NOT TO TELL YOU so as not to do anything against Parnell.

This is Mike Garret, above reproach from what I hear and from what I can find, he’s gone, he’s had enough of Sheriff Char and Parnell McNamara who is an embarrassment and phony.

This is Mike Garrett, he has courage. I’ve actually seen him around, people liked him and he had a great smile. This is a shame. 100 years of experience gone in a day. Shame on Parnell.


  1. Who is the other one retiring? Armstrong and Garrett run a tight ship but a good honest one.

    1. I am waiting anxiously to find out myself. NEVER heard anything bad about Armstrong or Garrett, it’s a shame, I am sorry this happened to them. Par and Char need to be ashamed.

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