Major Ricky Armstrong retired early from the McLennan County Sheriff’s department, Ricky was a Major and President of the Texas Jailer’s Association.

A while back some “dirty” deputy in the Sheriff’s Dept. wrote me under an encrypted fake email address and told me that Ricky Armstrong was the biggest “double dipper” and crook in the Sheriff’s department. I have the records and I checked them out, I don’t know Ricky Armstrong, and to me a tip is a tip, phony or not I check it out if it has any sense to it at all. Ricky Armstrong did not double dip, he didn’t forge signatures, he didn’t sign sheets for other people.

Now Ricky Armstrong, along with Garrett and another deputy have left because they can’t take it anymore. Parnell punishes good, intelligent people by transferring the to the jail when he figures out they’re honest or their honesty might pose a threat to him and his suck up deputies like Blossman and Eubanks.

The Trib and others knew, they just didn’t tell you so as not to upset Par and Char.

We have to protect them.


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