Now that there’s nowhere to go, people like Johnny Ash, Sheriff’s biggest contributor and #1 murder suspect in Lillie Hefele’s torture killing can just be delighted and come on down.

Got this early today from “Ash”, since Johnny already wrote me twice before saying he was going to “hurt someone you love”, I suspect this is probably him. Well, there is no one I love anymore Mr. Ash, so you just bring it on. Right here.

Whomever killed my one hundred pound friend, Lillie put a cigar out on her, so you just bring it.

Barry Johnson COULD HAVE COME OUT with the fact that he and his office reopened the Hefele case a while back. I’ve had several conversations with the investigator working the case for Johnson and so has the family of Lillie Hefele.

WHY Barry Johnson chose not to tell the public is way beyond me, and, frankly, just gawddamned stupid. He didn’t. No one knew and last night he lost by the most embarrassing amount I’ve ever seen.

BARRY JOHNSON’S OFFICE REOPENED HEFELE. Ask him. 254 757-5084 call and ask for your DA who didn’t call a Press Conference to say that he’d done the right thing. JEEEEEEZUSCHRIST already.

Am I taking up for Barry Johnson, hell no. He didn’t fight.

Am I taking up for Matt Cawthon, hell no. He didn’t fight either.

That bullshit lone alpha male standing alone against the ravaging hordes is bullshit. The women in this group had the balls, the men, I have no gawddamned clue.

Hadn’t been for a whole bunch of angry women keeping after Johnson he might not have done a thing. However, the women wouldn’t have it. Johnson’s office reopened Hefele. Damned right did.

I am tired of being threatened, went to our Sheriff For Life with threats from Johnny Ash, twice in 2017, Sheriff’s girlfriend, Sherre Johnston, in writing, plus the Pistol Packing Mama shirt bullshit, but of course, she knew how far to go she was also shacked up with Truman Simons, a law enforcement legend until he hooked up with Mrs. Johnston, then everyone pretty much didn’t like him anymore, because of her.

Get the hell real.


You tell me what’s wrong with HIM saying it?

Don’t talk to me, I’m mad and not going to be fked with by Johnny Ash.

Get the hell real people, you’ll get in bed with a murderer for a grand?




10 hr. ago

You still haven’t accomplished a damn thing have ya?



  1. Magical thinking is just not me. I don’t believe good triumphs over evil and that’s really not my goal. I am pissed off. I don’t need an invisible friend to spark me on. Some motherfucker put a CIGAR out on my 110 pound girlfriend in 1980, that pissed me off. Good triumphs over evil? No, so why think about it. I don’t. Someone blew my girlfriend in half and put her in a car and drove her to Ft. Worth. Someone got 350K seed money and now runs with the rich boys. Imagine how scared she was of them looking at them shoot her with a high powered rifle with two bullets that almost tore her in half. Her hands bruised so bad from fighting them the funeral home couldn’t cover them up.

    1. I am overwhelmed with the amount of corruption in this county, I never thought it was layer upon layer of a rotten onion. No matter the amount of shit thrown at Teflon, nothing sticks, hopefully the Grim Reaper pulls his number.

      1. Look up the Sheriff’s animal seizures in the newspaper, 45 arabian horses here, a few alpacas there, on and on. Now, where are those animals? I have public information requests in at the sheriff’s dept, of course, they’re fighting me. They’re supposed to have public estray and other auctions. They don’t. Char posts a picture of herself with her nLew palomino “rescue” horse. A palomino horse was one of the 40 something rescued a few years back. Where does your sheriff get his money for the classic car? Get real here. His day is coming, and he knows it. They have a fucking whistleblower that proves Parnell had knowledge of the double dipping. SSSooo crooked

  2. Here we go again…the corruption won last night not Waco, not McLennan County. Back to square one.
    Why was that not made public…blows my mind. Intimidation or death threats I assume would be the culprit.

    1. WHY didnt’ Barry Johnson call a press conference with the gawddamn auditor to tell the folks that they called in the Texas Rangers on Parnell’s people double dipping with TxDot??? The Rangers from Bell County are investigating and Johnson just kept his mouth shut. I know because my ass did the work on it and gave it to him in November. The Feds have been on it since December 2nd. Barry never called the FEDS EITHER jeeeeesuschrist. He has the guy’s name and number ReginaldfuckingLEE United States Department of transportation Ft. Worth. Did Johnson call him? Fuck no. Parnell’s people are going to jail. The Feds are going to get their part, State TxDot Holly Zakarias from Austin will get theirs, and the Rangers will get the leftovers. That’s the fucking truth.

  3. I’m thinking since his loss Barry may just lower the boom on some of this crap.. I wondered why he didn’t do anymore on that case… damn shame! I’m coming to town early April .. I’ll grab you and take you to lunch! I heard you looked like a million bucks last night..

  4. Sounds great. I am merely tall, when one is probably six four with the high heels I insist on wearing. I modelled furs for Nieman Marcus in the day, when they still had film in cameras. bwaaah. WHY didn’t he just say he ordered an investigation of the sheriff’s department from the Rangers? You got me. No one listens to me,

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