Most of us would have been in prison by now but, it’s the Sheriff’s girlfriend, so he’s in charge of the jail, and a whole lot more and instead of getting what a SIX TIME DWI offender gets, Miss Special Girlfriend Badge Bunny gets what a SECOND TIME DWI offender gets.

She’s going to have to wear an ankle monitor, finally, BLOW a device on all her cars, does this mean she still has a driver’s license? There’s a thought.

She also had a “walk through”, usually saved for sisters in law of Steve January but this time Sherre was getting one too not to inconvenience her too much.

At the jail, the wait was a bit too much for her so she went home.


They called her lawyer and told him to tell her to come back to the jail.

To punish her they decided to make her spend the night.

Take that.

Big deal.

Better than nothing.


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