Uh oh, someone should have UBER’D, or better yet, call TOW KING, they offer FREE TOWS to those in need every New Years! Looks like being Captain January’s sister-in-law didn’t stop Paulette Pensley from hitting the Mclennan County Jail, BUT, they certainly made it out of Jail realllly fast. Wow, the wreck happens allegedly around 5:45, single car roll over, one person driving from the Baylor Club out to the Old Bethany in Lorena when, uh oh, a wreck. Don’t worry, the Texas Department of Public Safety found her, she wasn’t hurt but she did have that drinkie’ drink from the Baylor Club and a bottle of hooch with her. Uh oh. DWI.

No wonder YOUR SHERIFF FOR LIFE and his minions want Josh Tetens for District Attorney, all these naughty relatives, seems the Deputies can’t drive, and now the distant relatives can’t either.

Don’t worry, YOUR SHERIFF FOR LIFE’S people look out for their own, pull those strings, even when under investigation.

The criminal enterprise is up and running, however, it misses that one element, Abel Reyna. Or any District Attorney will do if they can get one.

Don’t worry, we’ll have the real records here in just a day or two, the Texas Department of Public Safety DPS is very, very efficient. 

-H & Linda T

Paulette Pendley – Owner

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She has been a resident of Waco for over 40 years and a proud graduate of Baylor University with a degree in Business. She strives to bring your individual style to life in an unforgettable event that will be a lifelong memory.

For almost a decade, she has been the proud titleholder of Best Event Planner in Waco in both the Wacoan, Waco Today H.O.T(Heart of Texas) and Locals Love Us publications.

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  1. What is going to happen when one of these habitually drunk drivers kills someone and the wrongful death case of a law career is filed against the county for not taking these DWIs seriously what happens when a good lawyer pulls these crazy drivers’ arrest records and discovers the county did not stop these drivers before they killed someone? That’s on the county officials. How do these women keep getting arrested and keep getting behind the wheel? They have a lot of help.

  2. So, terribly obvious too, Abel was such an intricate part, Teton’s got no idea what Parnell expects in return. Let’s see how Par does under questioning in the coming weeks. Tick Tock.

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