John and Gloria Hill of 1108 Redondo **CAT TRAPPERS**

These two are a piece of work. My friend, Amy Shillings Knight, who is a cat lady and rescuer of all animals, was heartbroken, her cat was missing. Then it happened again. Then again. Gone without a trace. No little body on the street, she’d walk the neighborhood in tears, calling for her cats to no avail.

THEN, she noticed her wonderful neighbors baiting a trap and catching HER cat in their yard. They lured it there and took it. They, at first, said they had taken it to the shelter, Amy went to the shelter and had several of the animal lovers there help here. Nope. No drop offs by the Hill couple, AND the cats were chipped. They never hit the shelter, THAT was a lie.

See John and Gloria have been either dropping off the cats at nursing homes, or other places, OR Gloria just gets John to kill them and put them in the trash. After Amy went into the hard of the altruistic animal lovers to free her own cat, these two wanted to file on AMY for trespassing. Nice.

John and Gloria live at 1108 Redondo in Woodway. When Amy went to Police Chief Bret Crook, she didn’t get very far, he had this song and dance about animals running loose, well, cats run loose, man, get real. He said they had no Animal Control people who tended to cats and dogs like they do in Waco and you could tell by listening to him, Amy’s husband taped him, that he didn’t care one bit and did a song and dance to just get off the damned phone.

If you are a neighbor of John and Gloria Hill, and live anywhere in the vicinity of their home on Redondo, please tell them that Cat Trapping and probable killing is a no no and most people do not like it. John and Gloria couldn’t get their stories straight either, that’s because they know they are doing wrong and they have flat LIED about it to protect the fact that Lord knows what ole John’s doin’ over there to the kitties. 

Let the Woodway Police Chief  Bret Crook, know that Cat Murder is not acceptable. 

***WOODWAY PD 254-772-4470***

Shame on John and Gloria, shame on the Woodway Police Chief for, as per cop usual, making sh*t WORSE.

If you are the children of John and Gloria, please introduce them to BINGO or some other activity, better yet tell them to stop messing with people’s pets.

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    This is a video of Gloria Hill confessing to her and her husband John Hill ,luring , trapping and dumping my pet cats and ferals at an old folks home in Hewitt She also told me she had told the police every bit of this when Bret Crook, Woodway Police Chief called her that morning and urged Gloria and John Hill to file Criminal Trespassing Charges on me for letting my cats out of the trap. After Bret Crook , Chief of WPD got off the phone he turned a blind eye to the confession of animal cruelty and focused on getting his henchman over here to serve me with those papers because he was mad at me from a previous post that wasn’t very flattering about him on neighbor app

  2. Also, I called Officer Chris Fagner to tell him I needed to know if there were more dump sites because the last ferals they trapped and discarded were 2 little orange kittens, the nursing mother was left behind. I told him there is no way those babies can survive and I need them found. He have me the Name of OakSpring Memory Center on Woodgate. So if anyone has missing pets in there area, maybe you. I have buried several will have better luck searching the dump grounds than I have had. Personally, I think they killed them and threw them away. I have buried several that were poisoned by them.

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