According to the McLennan County Appraisal District 608 and 620 Bosque Ln are Waco Police Department territory so it is interesting that after this 911 call came in from Mr. Jonathan Whatley, neighbor to Bank President Mike Beard and another house in the neighborhood owned by a David Littlewood had the Sheriff’s department show up to Beard’s house with the presence of EIGHT Sheriff’s vehicles. Naturally, Par is going to go out and protect his bankers. By the way, Parnell also has a loan from TFNB on that fancy smancy RV he and Char love so much. Next thing that happens is everything is hush hush baby. No press, no word, just neighbors wondering why living next to a Bank President suddenly got so wild and crazy.

It’s no wonder that some people here in Waco have Complained to the Feds that not enough is being done on the obvious case Holly Easterwood Kelly is on here in Waco at TFNB and others. Seems local people with a brain who aren’t on the Fed tit like Ms. Easterwood Kelly know that things are getting tense and quite dangerous.

Guess Par and Char will pull the horses back from heading to the border to get rid of the Haitians on their “What would Jesus do” tour, and return to protect their benefactor bank and buddies who get called in when things need to be done, or, perhaps hidden.

Yep, shooting at the rich Bank Presidents, did Mike Beard or Littlewood, or the Sheriff do what they were supposed to do and call the Feds?

Wanna bet.

Where are the Feds, hey, Holly things crazy enough for you here yet?

Come on here. TWO bank presidents shot at and their neighbors shot at also. WHERE THE HELL IS THE PRESS???? WHERE ARE THE FEDS????

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