Why write about a casserole this morning when Judge Susan Kelly has chewed total lawyer butt in 54th.? Because advertising an American favorite, KING RANCH CHICKEN, and getting a bean burrito is a crime that no one seems to have discovered until now. I ordered from GRUBHUB and my mouth was set to enjoy King Ranch Chicken, as I sat wondering if the CRUNCHY TORTILLA CHIPS would be soggy by the time they got here only to find that Billy Garrett, owner of SECRET CHEF, hadn’t heard of a TORTILLA, CHIP nope, but surely did ad a lot of really soggy straight from the package Tortillas. No King Ranch Chicken includes beans, this is a sickening cat puke tribute to imagination and the disguise of a runny bean burrito as King Ranch Chicken.

THIS is a travesty. and an insult at $16.00. The roll, which was 75 cents extra, made me imagine hot rolls straight from the oven, nope, one crappy roll not homemade, in a bag. The salad was everything left that day pushed into a container with one, ONE, tiny package of dressing.

The total, including grubhub was a whopping $35 and this really hacked me off. Do yourself a favor, do not eat at this place. How they stay in business, well, anybody’s guess there.

THIS is King Ranch Chicken, it has chicken, a cream sauce, crunchy tortillas, and NO BEANS

Quick King Ranch Chicken Skillet | Southern Living - MasterCook

THIS is the soggy anemic dish sent out to a customer. Mystery bean sauce, and just the nastiest thing I ever tried to eat.

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