The food chain of big bucks was disrupted the night Abel Reyna LOST the election for DA. Parnell has been lonely ever since. Parnell knew that between him and big trouble was little Abelino. See Parnell is somewhat untouchable, BUT, he isn’t the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of this county. Nope. The DA is. Only two counties have this and McLennan is one.

See as long as Abel was there, Sherre Johnston, Kim Falcone, and others could get off charges. Parnell lies and says that he sent the Rub and Tug cases to the “DA’s office” well, Johnson was not DA then. The cases NEVER made it over and Abel and the Sheriff made some deals back then and alliances were formed, little blackmails that will last a lifetime. Abel is off doing who knows what split up from Wife #4, Parnell is spending money like a sailor and probably has sucked poor Josh Tetens into the “BROTHERHOOD”, Par can be charming when he wants to be and now we can have a DA’s candidate backed by Johnny Ash.

Sounds Great.

Barry Johnson ended EIGHT years of rumors of bribes, and, several people I know were bribed, yes, they were.

If any law enforcement officer would look at the period of time during the rub and tugs and Abel’s 90K campaign ad, you’d find all manner of corruption.

EVERYONE knows Parnell is corrupt. The man has lights UNDER his Jeep for crying out loud. Parnell has gone as crazy as a kid at Macy’s during Christmas and has more boy toys and guns than anyone else. His wife has been liposucked into a Loretta Lyn Look alike and now we have the new law enforcement group.

How utterly stupid. There is NO election until next year for crying out loud and you are all insane.

THIS is just a tribute to how mad Parnell is that we all know.

It is also a tribute to Parnell not liking Matt Cawthon showing up on the scene either.

The new police chief just became one of the boys, hope she’s happy, she’ll figure it out the hard way.

Really stupid.





“There is a natural conflict between the DA and a few of the elements of law enforcement. Law enforcement didn’t like (former district attorneys) Abel Reyna, they didn’t like John Segrest, they didn’t like Vic Feazell, and it goes all the way back to Tom Moore. There is a natural conflict because we have to be the ones that look at their work. Ninety-five percent of the time it is great. It’s that five percent we have to send back when it can’t meet the elements of the crime that is charged or we send it back for some additional work that they don’t like.”

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