I am going to throw up. Last year it was fashionable to call half dead old fat coots “venerable’, Tommy Witherspoon and others overused this more than I could stand. We all get it, it’s like when you get a wedding invitation for the “Renewal of the Vows” for some aging couple, it means someone’s going to die.

Now, Tommy is calling Johnson a “courthouse historian”, I have thrown up like a Persian cat in the spring on that one, just gag me with this bullshit adjective stuff. Courthouse Historian, well I remember when the Courtroom at 54th. wasn’t 30 degrees and I remember when there were water fountains outside 54th.

I remember when Judges didn’t chew out some other old man whose cell phone went off. I saw Judge Johnson go off on some other old coot and throw the guy out of his courtroom, humiliating the old man. Johnson sat there all red faced and spurting sweat, over NOTHING, christonacupcake. When he moved up we were all thinking that at least he wouldn’t hurt anyone anymore up there.

Courthouse historian, you have to just love that Tommy Witherspoon, when he doesn’t like you he doesn’t like you but when he does……….

Historian, the new word for Venerable

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Gray and Johnson are not pleased with the plan. They said they received limited to no information from Felton’s office before learning almost accidentally of the plans to remodel the grand jury chambers. The justices fired off a three-page letter to Felton on Wednesday afternoon outlining their thoughts on the changes and forwarded it to Waco Mayor Dillon Meek, State Sen. Brian Birdwell, State Reps. Charles “Doc” Anderson and Kyle Kacal and the commissioners court. Gray and Johnson reminded Felton in the letter that the 10th Court already surrendered office space to the county when the mental health court was built. Also, the justices noted that the appellate court, funded by the state, paid $27,150 to the county six years ago as part of an interlocal agreement to put a new heating, ventilation and air-conditioning unit in an area behind the old grand jury room and to allow the court to use other space in the chambers for storage and supplies in an effort to replace the offices the court surrendered in the old law library.

Johnson, a noted courthouse historian who joined the appellate court in January after serving as 54th State District judge, said Wednesday that the 10th Court has been “blindsided by Judge Scott Felton’s actions.” He said they are contrary to the prior agreement between the court of appeals and the county.

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