Two real Christian men together talking trash about someone who has exposed them. Where do they go? Immediately to talks of violence because they can and because they think it’s cute and because they think it’s macho. It’s not. Just like trying to put cat women in jail, the son of a woman currently being held by her neighbors while they experiment at the Big Red Bottling Company with Placenta Colas and who knows what, two goats are shot, and our Sheriff is desperate for money. Anyone crossing Parnell gets in trouble, the only thing stopping this madman turned over the hill Sheriff is a DA who knows bullshit when he sees it and has made an enemy of Parnell because he is not Parnell’s YES MAN and Barry Johnson doesn’t care about “stuff” like ole Par does. Par wants to redo the ole SMACNAMARA RESIDENCE, he’s 75 years old and one thing’s for sure, Parnell blows and goes, money is no object. Try to get your great grandpa to go get a nice loan from David Lacy.

“David Littlewood wanted her (Sherre Beard) shot in the back of the head”………………….SWORN STATEMENT from WASHINGTON.

Sheriff will go after anyone for Harrassment, if they say something bad about brother moving accomplice and main squeeze Sherre Johnston, he’ll do just about anything and the only thing shot in the head was two goats.

Where the hell are the FEDS?

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