Have you had any friends getting phone calls asking, “Would you like your DWI to go away?”

Any strange phone calls from MAGIC JACK or an 000-0000 number? NO? That’s because Abel Reyna took all that with him.

Waco does not have the TEXAS TRANSPARENCY ACT, why? Because Parnell couldn’t go a week in office if the Sheriff’s Department was under the ACt. It would allow people to see what the hell is going on without being jacked around going to the AG’s office for “OPINIONS” on Public Information Requests, ask me, I hit him with tons and they send me to the AG most every time, that delays the answer up to 45 days and they can get by without telling you anything because THEY CAN.

IF Josh wants the TEXAS TRANSPARENCY ACT, I call on Barry Johnson to ask the Commissioners for it, after all, Barry practiced law in DALLAS and at least knows what the TEXAS TRANSPARENCY ACT IS.

Barry Johnson isn’t in charge of Transparency, the County should have implemented it years ago.

Parnell wants someone else in there so he can put cat ladies in jail for harrassment, and the family of a woman who has Alzheimers and is being held captive like Brittany Spears on Xanax he took to Barry’s office too.

Josh Tetens will do whatever Parnell wants, unless the Feds get ole Parnell first. Tick Tock

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