Got some problems with stem cell research? Leftover matter from Cesarean Sections? No problem, the Justices have opened up FRONTIER BIOLOGICS LLC which uses stem cells and matter from Cesarean Sections right here on Jewell Drive at the old Big Red Office. Guess who is funding STEM CELL RESEARCH in Waco with Parnell’s friends, the Justices? Yep, David Littlewood and TFNB.

Jay Justice is by trade a landscaper, his brother Chad was the bag man between Donal Sharp and Abel Reyna for at least one DWI. Jay Justice is the go to guy for lights underneath your JEEP and sure enough Cowboy Parnell has his Jeep all lit up like a Christmas Tree thanks to Jay Justice, think he paid for that? Hmmm. Ask him.

So now we find that Conservative Waco has it’s own Gay Ranch and Stem Cell research is being done by Parnell’s other friends who are about as much scientists as I am.

If you’re Parnell’s friend, you don’t go to jail and you get loans from his buddy David Littlewood.

I thought for sure an anti abortion place like Waco would NEVER have a stem cell research place, guess when it comes to Parnell and his influential friend no problem. Take a drive on Jewell Drive and see what the Sharp money via Johnnie Sharp has bought for her “friends” the Justices, graves and a stem cell lab.

Frontier Biologics was founded in 2020 as a perinatal regenerative cell derivative provider. We are located in the heart of Texas, Waco and easily accessible to …‎Contact · ‎About · ‎Products · ‎F.A.Q.
FRONTIER BIOLOGICS LLC :: Texas (US) :: OpenCorporateshttps://opencorporates.com › companies › us_tx
Free and open company data on Texas (US) company FRONTIER BIOLOGICSLLC (company number 0803721358), 720 JEWELL DR, Waco, TX, 76712-6616.

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