Today John Justice is being buried in a grave at Oakwood Cemetery, a grave that was given to Brad Sharp by his mother. See, Brad’s mom has been told by the Justice family that Brad has tried to put her away, this was not true, however, Dr. Gary Barbin, who is thanked in the John Justice Obituary seems to be just about everyone’s doctor, including Sherre Johnston, as you can hear where she invokes his name in her DWI videos. He gives her Xanax, and I suppose his instructions to her about not drinking haven’t worked out.

Brad Sharp has been to law enforcement, he’s been to good ole boy Parnell. What did Parnell do for Brad Sharp? Ole Par took a Complaint to the DA’s office for the Justice family instead.

Just as Parnell takes a Complaint against me to the DA for Sherre Johnston so does he take a Complaint against Brad Sharp for the Justices. Jay Justice installs lighting and fancies up Jeeps for the Jeep Club. If you notice on Parnell’s wife’s page, she posts a pic of ole Par her Cowboy boyfriend with his JEEP decked out with UNDERLIGHTING. Wonder where he got that?

Parnell McNamara is corrupt. People are talking about him and this is just another story of what he does for his friends and what vindictive things he does to anyone who crosses him or wants to ask if his brother was alive or dead when he moved him.

Your Sheriff only cares for people who DO things for him, the others are expendable, this is not what a Public Official is supposed to do.

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