THIS is your Sheriff’s department, they have been “investigating” the Cold Case of Lillie Hefelea since 2017 and have nothing to show for it because the Sheriff’s second biggest benefactor is Johnny Ash the possible culprit. DNA is left at a lab waiting for our Sheriff or someone from this County to care about a dead Mexican woman but ….. There is a cigar, it contains saliva from the shooter and skin cells from Lillie Hefele. Whomever killed her put his cigar out on her. Nice guy.

So Sheriff takes money for the Cold Case Squad which is never questioned. What the hell is wrong with you? You do not PAY rewards to cops for solving cases. Only in Waco can this bullsh#t even go on. Has IRS been contacted about a Cold Case Charity? You simply can’t do this sh*t but Par does anyway.

SO, here it is, the Public Info Request go look it up in its entirety if you’d like but mainly the Sheriff’s department was concerned with giving me this lovely Hilton brochure and bill.

Your Sheriff is corrupt and every one knows it.

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