Here is where you can access the entire MUCKROCK file on this click and go to the bottom, open up the files

Sherre says to the DPS Trooper, get me my phone or call Chris Eubanks, Parnell, or Abel Reyna, then the Trooper says

“Why? I don’t know what they can do for you? She said, “Well I do…

Well, we all do, don’t we or do you good Christians over at Woodway Baptist still thinking differently? How utterly stupid you are, you have the real proof in front of you but still you continue to lie to yourselves, aaah, poor little Sherre. John such a sweet man, really? John gets the call from Sherre’s lover, Truman, and Truman tells John he’s going to have to go to the house and take care of “the kids” as Sherre’s going to jail. Must be nice to have all these adulterous men help you out time after time.

What a drunk. What a town full of corrupt law enforcement and officials.

The recording below is different from the one in the video, the one below is much better, she has left her kids at home alone and the trooper wants to call CPS. SO, click and listen to the one below also.


  1. Priceless! What a piece of work! Any other woman or man would have been hog tied and thrown in the back. Love when Truman calls John! What is wrong with these people??

    1. There will be more, now that videos are Public Information. Poor, sweet little PTSD everyone else’s fault Sherre. Truman and john? I have no clue what they tell themselves.

    2. Well, the men certainly can’t have sex with eachother, so they all share the same woman, it’s just gay to me. I doubt they can see it but the hypocrisy is incredible, everyone keeps telling john how wonderful he is for sticking with her. WTF? Year after year drunk and pilled up same old thing, gun, xanax, bullshit, poor little me, and, of course, she asks for Parnell, Abel, and Chris Eubanks so she can get off the charges, Truman is there to pick up her purse. You gotta love it.

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