Little boy hurt feelings took his complainnt against me STRAIGHT to the Texas Rangers. Too bad he doesn’t care about Cold Case Lillie Hefele or a multi DWI girlfriend still out with car keys. Nope. He went straight to the Rangers and they, took it to Williamson County. So do whatever you want to do here but don’t cross ole Parnell or his little girlfriend.

Bet yet, I can’t even show it to you OR I get in trouble yet again. You have to love Parnell and his relationship with the Rangers. He hires a Ranger’s wife and hangs out with them and everyone just collects money, goes on trips, and is a BIG man.

They also keep eachother’s little secrets. Well, unless they get numerous DWI’s…..and it’s Public Info

Brian Sears
Assistant General Counsel
Texas Department of Public Safety
Office of the General Counsel

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