UPDATE “The_____Family” WAS A HACK?

Political figures perhaps need to revisit the Law of Libel and Slander. You are a political or public figure, you are open season.

Harry didn’t use the word, “Famiily”, the ____Family named itself that. If you click on the link shown on the latest strange Facebook page Sherre Johnston has you’ll see where Christopher DeCluitt wrote a comment to her reaching out. Click on that and it takes you to Christopher DeCluitt, the real one. So, some hack there.

So, Christopher DeCluitt has written me rather a strange comment/note/whatever saying he is going to find out who hacked him and took on “The ___Family” name.

After reminding me who he was……………..

I have informed him that perhaps he needs to start with Sherre Johnston, silly me, however, it’s hard to scream “Hacked” when one click and you’re there. Doesn’t work that way, but hey, we will be open minded while Christopher DeCluitt works tirelessly to see who has slandered us all.

He has half asked half threatened for me to remove my blogs about the __ family in anticipation of finding the culprit.

I have agreed, except for the one concerning Walter Smith, it’s too funny.

Chris also talked to me as though I was an Alzheimer’s patient,

To which I say, person, man, woman, camera, tv.

Check back with us to unveil and prosecute the culprit.

Till then.


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